My Global Associations

12:02 am in Self-Development by viktorados

What is a global association? It is a pain or pleasure association with any action or event that has happened in my past. These pain/pleasure associations are very powerful because they determine the list of actions/events I want to experience/avoid in my life. My character is full of them. Some of them are useful, though a great deal of them needs to be modified. Very often these associations are being set rapidly and can harm me later on. It is like with my cat: it has jumped on the hot stove and has received an association that jumping on a stove means pain, but later on it did not jump on a cold stove either!

Pain and pleasure are the basic motivational triggers in any person’s character! It has been known through centuries, that you always try to avoid pain and things or events you link to it! You are always driven to pleasure as well! It is a universal law of this game! And it is used everywhere: beginning from advertising industry and ending with religion. It works and has one of the greatest influences on our lives!

What associations harm me? The ones that prevent me from living my life to the fullest, block the process of never ending improvement and favor rottening. Leaving my comfort zone, improving myself and breaking through my limits means pain of taking action. Living the life of my dreams, working on my own dreams and enjoying it is associated with pain of failure and being misunderstood by the closest people. I am so happy that I have understood it right now! This gives the most powerful tools into my hands to prepare myself for successful participation in the game called life! And I use this chance right now.

I change my associations so that they will empower and bring excitement and passion into my VIP life! From now on, living the life of my dreams brings me the greatest pleasure on the Earth. I enjoy bringing constant and never-ending improvement in my character! I enjoy creating a masterpiece out of my life and helping the others to bring light and happiness into their lives! I like leaving my rottening comfort zone and challenging the new horizons! Pushing forward, leaving behind the darkness of laziness along with the life of quiet desperation and fighting towards the light of my dream is truly the greatest pleasure available for me!

Hey now, I have received the most powerful controls to create a strong, motivated and energized character! And I will use them regularly to shape myself and my future, to bring pleasure, joy and results into my life and the lives of the others. Through changing my thinking patterns, I am able now to change my future!

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