LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to becoming a confident and capable human being PART 3

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to becoming a confident and capable human being PART 3
Posted On 02/04/2009 18:19:37 by KING_Darko
OK, It’s DEFINITELY time for another update!! Hope you all are well!!

Now, up until this point I had felt like I hadn’t really made any progress in my quest to move forward and develop a more confident personality. I felt like I’d made teeny tiny steps but wasn’t really having any success. In the past week I’ve felt some HUGE shifts inside of me and I’ve had some major realizations.

Since the relationship with my ex ended for a very long time I’ve been clinging to the small amount of hope that we might be able to work things out in the end. I finally let go of that, and told her goodbye. I wouldn’t wait for her, and I wouldn’t stand to be treated poorly anymore. And I let go of this desparation. And this is when I started to feel so much better about my life. A week ago I had trouble looking strangers in the eye and now I can say hello to almost anyone that passes me on the street. I make a point to talk to 5 people a day. I’ve realized I AM attractive to women as long as I’m not trapped up inside my head trying to impress them.

The biggest realization that I had was that all of the SHIT my ex put me through, the pain she caused me and how poorly she treated me, all of that cruelty had NOTHING to do with me. It had NOTHING to do with me not being good enough, fun enough or any of that stuff. She had issues and couldn’t see me for the man that I am. This was when I felt an enormous shift…And things in my life started to work more harmoniously together.

I also realized that during the past 2 and a half years that I was with her, I let go of so many things that I used to love doing. I stopped doing them because I found I could get my daily dose of fulfillment through her, which was a lot easier than spending time with myself and getting it :P (I realize now how stupid that is). I used to ride BMX bikes, do yoga, martial arts, work out, write music and make music on my own. I gave up all of those things. I’m going to be taking a martial art called Krav Maga soon, which is a fighting style used by the Israeli Defensive Force. I think it will help me to have more energy as well as get more confident in myself and my ability to handle things that come my way. I’ve also decided I’m going to start taking Yoga classes again, and I’ve begun working out and I feel SO much better. I’m going to start riding BMX again in the summer. I think that doing these things will help me connect with my true self again and find the natural successful person I’m meant to be :)

I’m also going to be getting a tattoo. Which I will post pictures of once I get it. I’m going to get a phoenix across my heart, its tail feathers will weave down the left side of my body. The phoenix represents rebirth. It will be a reminder to me to NEVER forget that I CAN survive hitting rock bottom. And I CAN rise from the ashes no matter what happens, because this past month I faced the WORST of my WORST fears. And I came out okay.

I could go on for a lot longer about this, but I’m going to end this entry here. I’ll end it with some words of wisdom to anyone in a situation similar to mine. Whether you’ve been broken up with, you’ve never had a relationship, or you don’t feel that you have the confidence to get whatever it is you want out of life, whether that’s wealth, health or a relationship. There are two words that, when you grasp their full power will change you forever, and these come from the very bottom of my heart-

Accept. And Start.

No matter how much you hate your situation. Accept it for what it is without any judgement about yourself or anyone else. Accept your faults, your insecurities, make friends with the side of you that is shy and doesn’t want you to break out of your comfort zone. Make friends with your self-doubting demons, and turn them into allies. This is where you START. Because it’s all energy. It’s all power. You can use that power as a destructive force on yourself, or you can START to use it as a constructive force for your life and the lives of the people around you. You are not alone and you never will be. Stop judging youreslf and stop judging others, and start taking little steps to move you forward. I promise you, stick with this, and you will come out a better person. And you will wake up and notice that you are EXACTLY where you want to be, and you don’t have to go anywhere to make your goals into a reality.

This is the King signing off, I wish you all the Peace and Love that this universe has to offer you.


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