LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to becoming a confident and capable human being part 2

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to becoming a confident and capable human being part 2
Posted On 01/30/2009 03:12:41 by KING_Darko

Well, well, well!

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted an update on here.. I realize that this is a task that will require a HUGE amount of effort and I’ll probably always be working at, but I feel like it’s time to give everyone updates!

So, I’ve noticed a change in my overall confidence level. The thought of approaching a woman doesn’t cripple me anymore, and I’ve actually had some flirty conversations with women that I had the excuse of HAVING to talk to them (e.g, I work in retail, so I talk to everyone that comes in the store…). However, when it does come to approaching women on the street that I find attractive, I’m still sorta stuck. It sucks, because in the past 2 weeks I’ve had a lot of girls who I used to hang out with (whether having a relationship with them or just being friends with them) that have shown interest in me. And I have absolutely NO problem talking to them. Same thing goes for girls I’ve met online, I can chat them up all day…But cold approaching still kills me. . . But that’s okay! I’m sure I’ll move past this!

I’ve developed a much greater understanding of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend and exactly what went wrong. The things within me that caused it and what I can do to fulfill myself as a person so that in future relationships it doesn’t happen again.

Another enormous thing I noticed is that as soon as I put myself out there, I had a bunch of woman just sort of fall into my life. I can actually pick and choose who I want to see and when. Sure, I’m not a total pimp or anything and this isn’t something I could replicate again effortlessly, but I realized that WOMEN LIKE ME! They want to hang out and they want to be intimate with me, and I have sooooooooooooooooo much room to improve but all I have to do is be normal!

There we go! I’m glad that I finally got this update off my chest. I felt like I’d have nothing interesting to say, but I cant wait to write back with more updates!

In abundance,


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