LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to become a confident and capable human being PART 1

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION SERIES: My journey to become a confident and capable human being PART 1
Posted On 12/25/2008 07:15:47 by KING_Darko

HEY everyone!

What’s going on? So this is my first entry and I’m in a great mood so lets get started…

For this section I’m going to go over my goals in more detail, and also evaluate my present situation.

Now, my main goals for this program are simple:

Become CLEAR about my insecurities with women and people in general and resolve ALL issues completely.

Begin to develop a natural confidence that is attractive to everyone.

Release my anxieties over money, making people like me, controlling the situation, worry, etc.

Develop a new circle of friends or at least have the ability to do so at any time.

Perhaps more importantly, how will I know when I have achieved these?

I will be able to walk up to any social group in ANY situation with complete and total confidence, and have the interaction go the way I want it to.

I will have NO excuses for my financial situation and truly believe that abundance and riches are on the way to me.

I am able to have a friendship or relationship with anyone and trust them completely without any fears, deviousness or dishonesty towards them.

You may have noticed that I haven’t listed any material goals in my list. I did this deliberately, because I want to first develop the mindset where I know that I can attract or manifest ANY material goods that I want with total and complete ease. I am going to build my sexual and financial abundance from the inside out.

Where am I right now?

I believe that in order to know where you’re going to go, you need to know WHERE you are. There is a quote that says, “Humans are the only species that, when lost, runs faster. ”

So where am I? Briefly,

- I have almost NO confidence approaching the women I desire

- I let stress and financial worries control me

- I get depressed, overwhelmed, and tired very easily, and I struggle to stay positive.

- I find myself faced with frustrations during the day, and feel like sometimes things go my way and sometimes they don’t.

Plan of Action

To tackle my confidence, I started Demonic Confidence yesterday. A very short summary of what this program is, without giving anything away, is that it is a progressive conditioning program which will help me because I will be going out and approaching women for 21 days straight. So far so good. I desparately struggled with the exercise yesterday but breezed through today’s exercise without a problem, and the exercises are meant to get progressively harder as they go along. I plan to complete this course which will take approximately 21 days, and then with my new found confidence begin to apply the techniques that will bring me success with women.

I have begun listening to The Blueprint by RSD, Deep Inner Game and On Being a Man by David Deangelo. These will help me put practical steps towards my new identity into action. I also have a few other programs stocked up and ready to go once I complete those.

I may also be doing hypnosis sessions in January to clear up my issues with women permanently.

For my anxiety, I have got The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and have begun working with The Sedona Method again.

I know it’s a lot of information to take on, but I’m trying to pace myself and not get overwhelmed. I want to spend as little time feeling emotional pain from the loss of my girlfriend as possible.

I think that’s all for now. This was probably one of the longest entries I will be writing, because I had to spend enough time defining my goals and my plan of action. I will keep the other updates as frequent and to the point as possible.

Again, I’d LOVE to hear any suggestions that you have for me, so bring them on!!




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