Law of Attraction and True Miracles

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Law of Attraction and True Miracles
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Belief implies free choice. Every individual on the planet can choose what to believe in. What you believe in, you will experience as true in your world, in your reality. The popular belief is that coincidences happen either in a random manner, or in favor of predetermined fate of yours, or at the whim of some higher force like some god. In general, the force behind a coincidence is anything but not you. This common belief produces doubt, expectation, and fear of the future. By contrast, law of attraction states that all coincidents in your life happen in your very favor, that your desire actually produces the coincidences in your life that help you to achieve your goals. Knowing that coincidents happen in your favor you will be better prepared to receive what you have asked for. Now ask yourself, isn’t a coincidence that is rich of consequences and brings important changes in your life not a true miracle? Isn’t it a miracle to accidentally meet a person that perfectly matches your desire, isn’t it truly supernatural to meet a perfect business partner or a perfect mate?

Life reveals true miracles only to those who have chosen to believe it, to those who are ready to consciously experience it. True miracles are very personal and are noticed by an individual or a small group of co-creators only. Even if the experienced miracle is reported to the public, the people who read the report will not get the supernatural experience and will have to choose for themselves to believe it or not. And there is always a possibility to discredit the reported miracle. If supernatural things like they are often portrayed in movies by means of visual effects would become evident in our world in an undeniable way, the freedom of choice would disappear. Again, this world is based on free choice and any kind of revelation of some higher force would take this gift from humanity.

A favorite argument of atheists, people who choose not to believe in any supernatural things, is why god or the universe does not heal amputees. Again, if the world would experience a healing of an amputated limb in an undeniable way, the free choice would be taken from people. For the medicine and all the doctors who believe in science there will be no reason to exist. Modern medicine has experienced and reported a myriad of scientifically unexplainable cases of natural healings. Among medics, talking about supernatural healings are often taboo, since they are well aware that the possible existence of miracles jeopardizes their profession and questions their beliefs.

In your life most miracles will happen to you personally. People who observe you living in abundance will always have a rational explanation of how you have achieved everything. Imagine you would be able to manifest a considerable amount of money in midair just like in some movie. Such a miracle would disrupt the consistent nature of our world. If you will spend the money, sooner or later your social circle and public authorities will become curious about the origin of the money. And you will have to spend much energy to restore the consistency, which essentially done in this case by performing money laundering. This process can become much more expensive than getting money in some natural way. The universe will always find a way of bringing to you everything you ask for in full consistency with the world, without taking the free choice from people by performing blatant miracles.

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