Law of Attraction and Fear

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Law of Attraction and Fear
Posted On 09/09/2008 22:54:22 by real

It is commonly believed that fear is a survival mechanism helping us to cope with potentially dangerous situations.

The law of attraction believers may come to consider fear as an anomaly in our mind, hindering us in achieving our goals, in taking the right action at the receiving step. This is not accurate though. Depending on what you think the most, you attract the most. Things you think the most, become evident as you talk about them with other people and occasionally receive more information about them. It is like a spiral of events sucking you in.

If you are influenced by bad news like a car crash and eagerly read articles and watch videos about it, your thoughts emanate a frequency that matches the essence of these events. If you, for instance, experience fear while driving a car, this indicates that there is a frequency present in your thoughts that attracts the essence of a car accident. Again, the emotion of fear itself do not attract, your thoughts do.

The fear is a feeling, it is merely an indicator; your thoughts are the cause. Fear indicates the attraction of undesired events and motivates you to change your focus, to change what you are predominantly thinking about.

The counterintuitive thing to become fearless is to stop being influenced by the information concerned with negative events. There are normal people who calmly read about a disturbing car accident while enjoying their breakfast. If you enjoy reading this sort of press do that, but do not let the reported events into your world, do not get involved by thinking that this could happen to you (or your relatives, friends). More importantly, do not be fooled by the belief you must stay informed by means of the public press. There is absolutely no need to watch television or read newspaper. If you want to be informed about certain event, better do a self-paced research on the internet.

Do not expect a positive outcome because you have done this and that or have observed something. Believe in positive outcome because you have desired it, and know that you will receive it.

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