How to start your first business without capital

1:15 pm in Online Business by Artem-Iashin

So, you are the student, or employee. And you haven’t money in your pocket at all, but have a great desire to start your own business.

What to do?

In my opinion, and by opinions of my successful friends, the best way to do that – is to find the exist entrepreneur and become his young partner.

I did that way. I found a senior partner and he gave me 50,000 USD to start business. But more importantly, he has become my teacher, my mentor.

Where you can find this entrepreneurs?

1. From your social circle.

2. You can meet them on different trainings ( in ex. Leadership trainings, marketing trainings etc.)

3. Good way to meet them and make acquisition – is to enter a business club in your area. There are plenty of them.

4. Facebook, Linkedin and many many other ways. It’s not a problem at all!

What ‘s next?

You need to talk with him. Just talk. About his business, how did he start it. Entrepreneurs like to talk about it. After that you have to confess, that you are the beginner and want to become an entrepreneur. You have energy, time and great desire to do that. And to become his young partner. He has money and all needed resources and experience.

That’s all. It’s the best way. So simple.

I talk to 5 entrepreneurs, and one of them is agreed.

Else is history :)

Good Luck!

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