How to speak freely and naturally

3:41 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

Perhaps the most important skill you could have while doing public presentations is the ability to speak freely and naturally about any topic. You can recognize such people easily, but you’re not after people like that, since they will speak most of the time and you have literally no change to improve this skill of yours when their around!

Speaking naturally comes from confidence, knowledge and energy. You need confidence to express yourself, knowledge to say smart things and energy to have the capacity to do it. So how can we improve this ability we already posses?

  1. Document yourself about a topic, read a Wikipedia article or something
  2. Start your recorder and say everything you know about it, do it about 3 times
  3. After you’ve got the feeling of it, practice talking more to your friends, your friends that prefer to listen more rather than talk
  4. After a while, you’ll feel comfortable doing this in front of a larger group of people


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