How to practice for public speaking?

3:57 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

What do all the great speakers have in common? That’s right, like anything in life you get good at it’s about practice, there’s no such thing as overnight success or magic pills or instant results for skills like effective public speaking, don’t believe me? Go out there and get all the instant gratification products on instantly becoming a great speaker, fail, then come back.

We are creatures of habit anyway, as much as you hate to admit it, what we do today is almost identically to what we’ve did yesterday! And since it’s automatically and thus easy for you, practicing public speaking for a few tens of minutes per day for a reasonable period will be rather easy!

A few tips when practicing for public speaking

  1. Really get into the feeling of being on the stage, imagine being there because feeling plays a bigger role than just knowing something intellectually, it’s how we anchor things
  2. Always record yourself to measure your progress and get feedback.
  3. Practice in front of family and friends to get real time feedback and it’s closer to the experience itself
  4. Don’t worry if it’s perfect or not, be relaxed and just do it, worrying about it like a perfectionist will only make it worse.
  5. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, you’ll improve eventually you’re n too harsh with a baby that’s learning to walk, are you?


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