How to live the life of your dreams

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I wake up in the morning. And in the morning I get out of the bed and put on my warm-up suit. I go down to the sea shore. And I run 3 miles to the headland of my private island. And as I run I see that the sky is like the most incredible painting I’ve ever seen – in bright orange and blue. My feet are stepping down into that really cool water as I approach my little cliff area. I climb high and as I am on the headland I look at the sunrise. And I smell the ocean air, and I hear the sounds of all birds going by. I do my morning taekwando training. And as I finish my training I run back to my home.

I go up into the bathroom into my shower. And the environmental shower mists me from all sides, cleansing my body. I get out and as I get out I get dressed into a beautiful custom made suit, with a fine silk tie and custom made shirt. I put on my new suit, I look into the mirror and I say “Damn, you look good!”. Because I believe, that what we think about, we create. My butler tells me that the pilot has prepared my helicopter for departure and that my breakfast is ready. And as I go down to my dining room, I see my dear darling. And as I look at her I notice that day by day she gets even more and more beautiful, charming and attractive. I give her a long kiss and say “I love you today even more than yesterday. I am so happy that I have you, my dear goddess of all women.” We have or breakfast of fresh juices and tasty meals, prepared by my own cook.

Right after the breakfast I grab my laptop and get into my helicopter. And on the way to my office I check out how my stocks and funds are doing via satellite internet connection. My daily work overview has already been prepared by my assistant. I get him on the phone, we go through my plan for today and we discuss some details.

And as I arrive on the top of my 45-storied building, with “Gold Enterprises” written at the top, I get down into my office at the seventh floor – a luxury penthouse suite. And as I walk into my office, my beautiful secretary meets me and says “Mr. Gold, it is a pleasure to work for you.” And as I get into my suite I see all my daily work and papers already laid out on the table. I look around and I enjoy the beautiful view of the cool styling of my suite. I come closer to the window and as I get there I look around at the city that begins to wake up. I stand for a moment and enjoy that view.

Then my secretary enters and informs me about our upcoming meeting with my business partners. I go into our conference room and there I meet people I do business with. We sit down on comfortable sofas and discuss our recent deals in the relaxed atmosphere. We go through our recent projects in real estate, IT and communication industries. At the end of this meeting we sign the papers for a take over of a huge real estate object. And as we do this we agree to meet us today in the evening on my yacht and celebrate.

I get back into my office and my secretary informs me about the next event on my today’s schedule – my own show “Self-Made VIP Life”. And as I get down, I see that the limo waits for me. And as we drive closer to the show, I notice that a huge crown of reporters and people wait at the entrance. The limo stops at the main entrance and my bodyguards make the way for me through the crowd.

I do the show before thousands of people. And as I do my show, I teach people the real rules of the game called life, where I show people how to eliminate fear, doubt and disbelief, and how to live the lives of their dreams. And at the end of a three hour show, there is a standing ovation.

I get back into my limo and we drive back into my office. Now I can enjoy my lunch brake. My dear darling calls me “I have just arrived at the helipad, lets have our lunch together.” I leave my office and we go with my helicopter to the beach. As we arrive there, having found a beautiful place, where we are alone with no buildings and people several kilometers around. And as the pilot lays out our lunch, I take my darling to walk at the beach. We enjoy the wonderful weather. It is one of that unique spring days, with a fresh scent of the waking up nature in the air and sunny weather.

We go along the beach. I take off the shoes and socks of my dear, and we walk barefoot in that warm beautiful midday. And as we walk, we enjoy the cool water gently touching our feet. And as we walk back we see that our lunch has already been laid out by the pilot. The pilot retreats to the helicopter. And we enjoy our meal, freshly prepared my private cook before our departure. And as we enjoy the meal, I look at the distanced horizon and at the vast sea surface. The view is really magnificent.

Soon I am back in my office and my darling takes the helicopter to my mega yacht and makes necessary arrangements for the coming evening party. My secretary reminds me that in half an hour the people from television will arrive in my office to make a film about me. I use this time to check how my investments in stocks and real estate are doing. I call my personal real estate broker and we analyze the current market situation.

Then I get down into my guest room and we do the filming. The film is the extension to my best-selling autobiography. I give the insights to how was I able to achieve all this having started from the bottom, we laugh as I come the most interesting facts, and we just have a good time.

As we finish the filming, I take my sports car and I drive to check several possible investments in take over of companies and in real estate. I take my notes and I drive along the most elite blocks of LA. I speak with managers and brokers. We negotiate possible terms and collect the information about the future value of the investments. As I am done with this, I return back into my office and I pass on the list of the selected investment objects with my remarks and several orders to be evaluated to my staff.

On my table I notice the fresh report from my financial department. I go through the numbers quickly – yes, this year has been even better than the previous one. And as I finish reading, the secretary brings into my working room the bucket of fresh flowers with a note. They are from my darling and she writes “Dear, the first guests started to arrive. Everything is prepared and the party is ready to begin. My love, I miss you.”

I give the final remarks to my secretary and I leave in my helicopter to the party. As I land on the yacht’s helipad I notice that many of the guests are already here and have fun. The motorboats with other VIP guests continue to arrive. And as the pleasant atmosphere of the party grows, we are granted the most beautiful view: the sun gets down in the most magnificent red and blue colors. It is like the most beautiful picture I have ever seen in my life. “Dear friends let this party begin! As of today 20:00 the 12 thousand acres of the most expensive and profitable land right in the center of LA are ours,”- I say to the dear guests. – “So let this party begin!” I join my dear darling and we enjoy this magnificent evening with my closest friends and business partners.

And five hours full of fun, joy and excitement soon go by. Slowly the party gets to the end, and I and my darling get into my helicopter and fly back to my island. And as we fly back we can see the LA in the night – thousands of lights that slowly get distant and soon disappear.

After a while we are at home. The pilot lands at the beach. I get out of the helicopter with my dear darling, and as we get out the fresh, juicy and energizing smell of the night air meets us. It is nearly dark outside and only the lights at the sides of the way to my mansion are on. It is warm outside and soon we are home. After a pleasant shower I get into my bed, the fireplace at my feet. And as I get into my bed, I make the roof of the room retract, so that in this warm night I and my love could enjoy the magnificent view of the stars and a full moon.

And for the moment it seems to me that I see that young boy, thinking over his future and being unsure where should he go, and I thank God, that the young boy has decided to take control over his own future, and has put aside all fear, all doubt, all disbelief and took action!

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