How to hold eye contact longer?

3:32 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

In order to make killer presentations, maintaining a good eye contact is crucial. Our fear of making eye contact with a stranger was justified a few centuries ago, representing the difference between life and death, now it’s no longer the case.

Each participant must feel that you are talking to him as well, and how can you say it better than looking him in the eyes, it might sound scarry, especially when your on the stage, but it’s not that hard. In fact it’s very easy since well start with baby steps, so here is what to do in order to gain maximum confidence in making eye contact.

  1. Go to youtube or browse the TV and look people right in the eyes, it might look stupid but it will help you build this habit easily since you will be safe
  2. After mastering the first step, start talking to your family and friends by looking them in the eyes, again this is done to start building this habit
  3. Go in parks, mall’s, on the street, at your job, anywhere, and start looking strangers in the eyes, try to be last one that looks away, don’t stare too much after they stared away since you’ll go in the other extreme of being creepy. You’ll notice that a lot of people are shyer than you!

Now you’re ready to make powerful eye contact in your presentations!


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