How to gain self confidence to speak in public?

3:59 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

Probably the biggest obstacle you face in doing killer presentations is the fact that you lack high self esteem. I’ve been in that hell myself. I’ve saw other people as being better than me, I’ve let them dominate and control me, I’ve put more importance on doing stuff for them than for me and worst of all, i didn’t expressed my opinion, and even if I did It wouldn’t have been taken seriously because of the way I’ve said it.

For people that get high confidence later in life, it usually comes from massive pain, when it builds and builds, until it reaches a critical point when you know that you must change or you’ll DIE!

Massive confidence comes from emotions, not knowing it intellectually, and unless you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone it won’t help you as nearly as it should, nevertheless I’ll give you something to reflect upon in order to dramatically increase your confidence so that you’ll be able to be a great public speaker!

  1. Everybody is afraid of how others see them, realize that you have this power over them, the one of judging
  2. Emotion comes from motion, so get physically in a confident state and you’ll immediately start to feel confident, it works both ways!
  3. Get yourself in a high esteem state and anchor it by doing something specifically like squeezing your fist, repeat the process a few times to get it anchored, then when needed simply use your unique gesture and you’ll instantly get high confidence
  4. Listen to hypnosis tapes on this topic until going to bed
  5. Do something special that you know only a few people are able to do it, and once you do it you’ll feel a lot better about yourself!
  6. Surround yourself with people that support you


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