How to deliver your speech?

3:33 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

One of the biggest fears that you can have about public speaking is the fact that you will not know what to say next! Even to the best of us, especially when presenting something that we aren’t well prepared.

As you get better at public speaking you won’t need to take notes with you since you have the whole structure in your head and you’ll be able to remember it since you will feel confortable plus once you really get good at it you could feel the vibe of your audience and adopt the speech accordingly but let’s focus on the present for now.

So in order to have a back up plan if you’ve got too much out of your comfort zone and can’t remember what to say next, follow these steps.

  1. Write main keywords for each paragraph next to it
  2. Start you video/voice recorder and star presenting using your full support at first for the first 2-3 times while linking the keywords to the paragraph
  3. Start presenting again, but this time only looking at your keywords to know what to say next
  4. Write those keywords separately in order to have them around in case you get mentally stuck.


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