How to be interesting while doing public speaking?

4:18 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

Nobody likes a boring speaker, no matter what topic they’ll talk about, if you’re boring, you’re out! Being excited and energetic wont guarantee you full success, on the other hand, being lame and uninterested will guarantee you failure!

Of course it’s all about your audience; you cannot have the same speech at a weeding compared to a corporate presentation. Humor and being naturally relaxed seems to work best, so how can you make yourself more interesting?

  1. Talk to as you would talk to one close friend, have that tone of voice
  2. Do something funny at the beginning to set the mood and each time you feel you’ve lost your audience to get them back in
  3. Talk a bit with people in the public during your presentation as well
  4. Move accordingly, be dynamic when the content is dynamic
  5. Share a relevant personal story about yourself, practice telling stories, people relate and learn through them
  6. Have the ability to make fun but yourself if you mess up but don’t overdue it, or you risk being seen as a low self respected clown


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