GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 4

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GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 4
Posted On 12/24/2008 05:38:54 by KING_Darko
UPDATE: Week 4

Alright guys so her’s the scoop for this week!


After hassling and pestering the hiring manager of the company which I had an interview with last week, he finally told me that he loves me and wants to hire me, starting in January (Persistence pays off!)! All he has to do is find me a location to work at. This job will be much higher paying than my current one and one of the managers I spoke to said I should be making about triple what I’m making now. I LOVE LIFE.

In other news, I’ve left the down payment of $1000 for the training. I’ll be putting another $500 down on Monday. At this point I’m only $1000 away from my goal!

Wow. I just realized that.

I’m so close to my goal, and I’ve been stressing about money until now. What a goof I am. And depending on how my finances look after Christmas shopping (Trying to stay positive about Christmas Shopping) Perhaps another $500 on top of that.

I’ve spoken with both of the Co-Founders of Coaching and Leadership International (the institute I will be getting my training from) and she said she actually has decided to hold the Toronto Training in late March, which will give me more time to save for the course!

Everything is working itself out. Slowly, but surely.

I’ve had a few obstacles that I’ve run into this week. I found myself getting overwhelmed by trying to always work on Self Improvement stuff and always feeling like I have to be DOING something. I also found myself getting kind of depressed and bummed out about my life, feeling like I have to still go holiday shopping for people and spend money on that. I’m using the Sedona Method right now to help relieve my stress, which is working out great :)

Other than that, I’m all smiles!

More soon :)

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