GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 2

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GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 2
Posted On 12/24/2008 05:37:42 by KING_Darko
UPDATE: Week 2

Hey guys!

Hope this is reaching all of you in good spirits…

So here’s another update for the past few days on my manifeststion:

As I said earlier, I’ve gone to the bank and created a savings account to put all of my money into. It’s amazing how much easier it is to save money when you don’t have it sitting right in front of you! :P

Have also applied for overdraft at the bank, meaning I have more credit to move around when I choose to. I will also be applying for a line of credit in the next 14 days.

Here is the big and exciting news.. I have two interviews on Monday with a company that I’ve been DREAMING to be a part of for the past year! Two separate interviews! I am feeling really great about everything, and cannot wait to get started.

A few obstacles that I’ve come across so far are:

Wanting to procrastinate
Getting home from work and feeling “too tired” to work on myself (I’ve cleared this up)
Feeling anxious, fearful or worrying about money (I’ve been practicing an amazing 3-5 minute gratitude exercise that has helped immensely with this, which I will share with all of you in a later update).

Other than that, it is really smooth sailing! I also will be receiving a bonus from my work of about $500 on top of my regular paycheck. This is all coming together perfectly!

Finally, I’ve received an e-mail from the Co-President of the Coaching Institute I will be taking part in, and she told me that she is considering having a certification week in my home town! Meaning instead of paying $500 for flight costs, I would be able to just take the bus down to where I would be studying, which is absolutely great! I also asked her if she would be open to making the payment plan a little bit more flexible, where I could just pay the majority of my pay check every 2 weeks to secure my spot in advance. She is totally fine with this, and as soon as my new Visa transfers over to my new bank account, I have an appointment with her to work on that.

More updates soon!

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