GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 1

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GOAL: Create $2500 by January 2009: WEEK 1
Posted On 11/28/2008 23:05:13 by KING_Darko
Hey guys! I initially made this as a forum post but decided to make this into a blog, so here we go!

This is my personal development journal to create $2500 by January 2009.

So I’m going to be getting certified as a Life Coach in January 2009. The tuition for the course is $7250, but with the payment plan I will be taking advantage of, I will need to put $2500 as a down payment.

I’m 18 years old and I am finishing up high school and also working at my job. I would try and get more hours at the job I’m currently working but I am not at all happy with my job and I get stressed out and have migraines when I work too often, so that is not an option for me.

My brainstorm this far on ways to help me create this money is as follows:

- Getting a loan from the bank
- Getting a line of credit from the bank
- Doing painting, or other odd manual labor jobs
- Talking to my friends in film and seeing if they need extras
- Getting a second job (I don’t want to do this)
- Speaking with the owner of the coaching certification company and seeing if they would offer me a student discount of some sort.

Do you guys have any other pointers or ideas that could help me out?

Will update this guide a few times each week. I will keep everyone posted!

Warmest regards,

UPDATE: Week 1
Here’s a quick update on what’s happening…

I’m starting off today by depositing my entire paycheck into a savings account that I’ve created, this way I wont see how much money I have, and trying to take it out to spend it will be a big hassle. My goal is now closer to $1900! It seems much more attainable now :)

Still trying to find odd jobs that I can do on the side, and I think I may have found one that will help me out. Will provide more details soon on that.

I have also begun meditating, thanks to “The Master Key System,” and feel much less anxious and worried about money flowing to me now. I feel as though I have opened the gates to abundance and am ready to receive.

More coming soon!

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