Getting feedback from your audience

4:12 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

You cannot improve something that you don’t know it’s wrong and since you are not aware of your actions most of the time, you cannot see your own mistakes, but others will easily spot them!

This is how everything in life works, you do it the best as you can for the first time then you constantly tweak it until it is necesairy then you could move on to other areas of your life

So how can you get feedback on your public speaking skills?

  1. Record yourself video and audio and be as objectively as possible, you will instantly notice what you have to improve
  2. Ask your friends and family and tell them to be honest about it, what you could do better?
  3. After doing the presentation itself ask people to give you feedback via email or contact them personally face to face
  4. Make an effort in being self consciously when going out, not when making the actual presentation, in that way you’ll find a lot more about yourself and this will be reflected in your presentation


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