Failure is Never Final

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Failure is Never Final
Posted On 09/14/2008 19:02:58 by 4everlearner

In the 2004 Olympics Korean swimmer Park Tae-Hwan fell flat on his face in front of millions.

As he was awaiting the starter’s gun for the 400 meter freestyle event, he ungracefully tumbled into the water. Immediately disqualified from the race he slunk away from the platform to the dressing room where he remained for hours so we would not have to confront embarrassment from encountering anyone.

It is those moments when Champions are made ‘ not the obvious moments when they conquer all and receive the accolades and admiration.

A mere 14-years-old when he made his colossal mistake, Park could have done what most would do. Abandon his goal for fear of further defeat and embarrassment. But Park is a Champion for the same reason that Dr. Robert Schuller wrote, “Success is Never Ending, Failure is Never Final.”

At that moment when all seemed lost, when all looked so bleak, Park made a new commitment to his success and then he went to work.

On August 9th he became the first Korean to ever win a Gold Medal in swimming and the first Asian male to do so in 72 years!

There’s a gold medal waiting for you too when you remember that your failure is never final!

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