Enjoy Every Moment

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Enjoy Every Moment
Posted On 01/17/2009 03:10:38 by 4everlearner

I enjoy every moment of my life.

I value every second that fills my life. Every day can only be lived one time and one time only. At the end of that day, it is over forever. We have a limited number of days, and I do my best to enjoy every one of them.

I see life for what it is.

Life is a series of moments. That is all. This includes pain, laughter, fear, anticipation, excitement, and joy. I am aware of this amazing gift that I have.

I am grateful to be alive and breathing. Time is such a special thing, and this realization allows me to value the good and the bad. The precious moments of life are passing me by quickly, and I’m enjoying every second.

Life is filled with countless blessings. We have so many joys, from the joy of children, to a good conversation. Everything is special. We sometimes eat in a hurry and forget to taste. We are annoyed in traffic and forget to listen to the beautiful music and sounds. We forget to take in the scenery.

Understanding that life isn’t forever helps give life to each moment. We don’t know if we’ll have another. We certainly aren’t guaranteed another. This understanding and outlook can help us enjoy the time we have left on this planet.

Questions of Reflection:

1. Do I enjoy every second of the day?
2. Do I live every day with the full understanding of its importance?
3. How can I remind myself to sit back and smell the roses?

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