Do you want to possess 1.000.000 dollar?

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Do you want to possess 1.000.000 dollar?
Posted On 08/15/2008 01:01:14 by real

Most people would answer this question in the affirmative. However, the successive question, how would you use this huge amount of money, most people have trouble to answer. And indeed, they would not know what exactly to do with this money. This is one of many reasons, why the majority of people actually do not possess 1.000.000 dollar and probably never will. The money itself is worthless and powerless. The power the money seems to have is the power we, people, give to it. And there is a lot of consequence to this apparently blatant statement. Often enough people forget this and consider money in a detached way, while money is merely a tool we use generally to acquire material things and services.

A drill is a tool too, just like money. Let us assume that you do not have one and have no need for it at the moment. Imagine that in our society it is cool to possess a drill and it is very hard to get one. Do you want to possess a drill? What would you do with the drill? Now imagine you have this rare tool and you eagerly want to use it. But at the moment there is no reasonable use for it. Does not matter; let’s drill some holes in the furniture for the sake of ventilation in the hotter days or what ever reason. That was fun. Let’s drill some holes in the wall, may be we can use them to hang some paintings and stuff on it in some future. It can be so much fun to drill holes just like spending money.

The point is, if you do not have a clue what you need 1.000.000 dollar for, you probably will not possess it. The common excuse people bring like I cannot start my business because I have not enough money appears in a different light. The message is you must have a solid idea how to use the money before you will come to possess it. For instance, it is hard to approach banks and other type of investors with a vague business idea about how you want to use it. Contrary to having an elaborate business plan and an idea you strongly believe in. First the idea comes and the desire to achieve this goal implied in the idea, than the money comes as an inevitable side effect.

If you truly desire to live in financial abundance get financial education first. You will find many resources in the SMV sub forum Build up your Financial Skills & Knowledge. If you are new to this whole topic and prefer to believe that good job and hard work is the only realistic way to achieve financial success, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki might be the right book for you to start with.

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