Development of my self development

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Development of my self development
Posted On 10/05/2008 15:49:45 by explorer

It’s two years now since I discovered personal development stuff (and almost one year I know about SMV). Now I’d like to share my experiences.
At that time I’ve been already self employed for one year. Before that – to be an employee – was a real pain for me. The reason I quit my job and started with an entrepreneurship was to get rid of the pain from being under control, to become free and to have money. As an employee I had only stress, and money just to pay the bills. It was very frustrating and depressing indeed plus getting worse day by day by playing games, watching films and doing similar time wasting activities.

With starting my own business things has changed. I somehow figured out where’s the free slot in the market and was successful from the beginning – in a sense that I was making 3 times more money than before. I had lot of customers but very uneffective production, so I was working 16 hours a day.

When there is a problem, your mind is looking for a solution, no matter what. The reason I found PD stuff was a bit complicated. My biggest problem was (and still is) a complete isolation from people. I didn’t socialize – at all. Therefore no friends, no girlfriends.

“How do I get some girlfriend??”
I tought the answer is in a social dynamics and pickup. You get social skills -> you get friends and girlfriend(s). However, studying and practicing all the pickup stuff for one year cut off some of my profits and brought me nowhere close to be skilled enough and to have changed my introvertial personality so I could be able to find someone.

“How do I get all the skills when I’m a self-slave?”
I was certainly unwilling to give up money. Without money it’d be impossible to reach most of my goals. I realized I must free up my time no matter how much effort will be needed.
There are many books, audio records and videos on PD I’ve read, listened to and seen ofcourse. Everything so exciting from the beginning. I recognized the highest priority in focusing on the most important things only.

“So how do I free up the time?”
Goal setting … There MUST be a clear vision of what you want. Without it you’re just wasting your time – moving anywhere the wind is blowing.
Planning … using brainstorming, mindmapping, prioritizing …
Focus … I do focus my attention only on things related to my goals and I’m learning how to master it. No multitasking anymore! And more power! – Thoughts must be focused like a laser beam, not like a flashing bulb light.
Elimination … from useless things in the office to the least profitable goods – anything unnecessary must be thrown away! There’s less distractions and more focus then.
Automatition … Any repetitive tasks has to be automated.
Delegate … Few weeks ago I hired my first assistant. She was best of 50 applicant’s. She’s working for me externaly – I delegate all tasks via GTD compliant system – TaskFreak – which I customized to my needs. It is just perfect! (I’ll probably write more about it and about impact of having an assistant later.)
In my opinion, delegation is the most important part. This step is inevitable for anyone who wanna have more time and more money – let other people do the work. (The best is to outsource it though.)

I can feel I’m on the right way now. All my energy focused on building THE SYSTEM where I will be just an owner. Once I have the system up and running, I’ll be able to focus on more important things – namely on changing my personality and getting social skills. It is quite worthless to have money but no life and no girlfriend.

I believe all self development comes just on time and some steps cannot be skipped. We only have to listen to ourselfs, to our feelings and real needs. The mind usually knows what to do (and it can be finding SMV for example ).

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