Day 4

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Day 4
Posted On 11/21/2008 16:42:51 by ChidoOne

Thanks or he comments

Well today was the first dales day of my juice start up. I got up at 4am to make the orange juice and prepared the work station. I learned a lot from this day. For starters i have to leave the oranges cut in half in the fridge to save time. Anyway i did 20 bottles of juice in 2 hours. Cleaned up and went out to the street to search for sellers.

nd the first one wast very cose from home, like blocks away. So i told him the way we were going to be working. He agreed and i left him with 5 juice bottles.

I then went searching for more sales reps. It took mee no more than 15 minutes to get the people i needed and explining them the work proccess we were going to have.

So Far so good right?, Exept for one thing. Each person sold only juice bottle. So i was left with 16 bottles that didnt sell.

Man what a bummer. But i thought about the duration of the juices unti they are no longer fresh. I realized that if i pasteurize the juice it will hold on longer than usual, plus its even healthier. Pasteurization is simple, You just heat the juice for a period of time, when it cools up you heat it up again and voala you got pasteurized juice.

A doctor who is my friend told me if i do this the life of the juice will expand to eight full days. So if thats true i will have a smile even bigger that i have now.

You see it does not matter if theres only one sale per point of sale. The important thing is that every single day my sales crew have in display my juice so i can build branding. I know eventually ill get to my mark of selling 5 bottles per point of sle per day,hence getting me the 2.5 buck i expect to get for each POS.

So i got a lot to proccess, but i will continue and report the progress. Because its very exiting the rush you feel when you see your projects moving forward, even if its a tiny bit

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