Day 2

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Day 2
Posted On 11/16/2008 17:59:46 by ChidoOne

In my city theres a car trafic flow of thousands of vehicles. Of them very few purchase stuff thats in sale on the street. The primary reason is the fear of an insalubrity product.

In the near future i plan to invest the returns from the sales on the design of a logo and a professional looking stamp to put on each of the bottles of juice.

I know that the average newspaper seller makes an average of 100 pesos per day(around 10 dollars, ouch!). If i give them another product to boost their income they will gladly accept it.

With my product they can get 25 extra pesos per day. So its to say that each new salesman that joins me will put 2.5 extra dollars in my pocket.

I know it wont seem like much but its a leverage that will build up in power in time. Now this aint the best season to sell juice as coffee would be more apropiate. But i want to develop a brand in the health area and i know that 100% fresh and natural juice will allways find a market.

With all this said i only have to aggregate that tomorrow monday will be the first day of operation of my juice brand. I want to share the name and image of it, but itll wait until the logo is ready.

I have to add that i know it wont be all sunshine and rainbows. But im ready to cut my loses as i know i have what it takes to make a powerful brand. If Coronel Sanders of KFC had to go trough 1009 Nos before he got a yes on someone using his recipe, i dont see why hes any different than me :D .

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