Day 1

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Day 1
Posted On 11/14/2008 19:19:57 by ChidoOne

Thanks for the comment and for reading what i have to say hehehe.

Well yesterday i bought the biggest juice maker that i could fin. Its not electric as those juicers just dont last(tough are good for home use) but a mechanic arm(or “gorilla arm”). As I shelled the 60 bucks for it i wanted to post a picture but right now i dont have a camera available.

Ill guess the blog images will have to wait a couple of weeks hehehe. Anyway i came home with the brand new gorilla arm juicer. But i needed the pet bottles to put the juice in. So the morning went by as i searched for pet suppliers in my city. I found five candidates but as it turns out my best option is the TechnoPlastic of Juarez.

The bottles will set me back .18 cents each. I had figured around .8 cents but for a start its ok. Now i have to search for providers outside my area.

So now i have the bottles, and the juice maker. But the oranges are missing right?. Today im heading to the local fruit market to see the options.

I Know, todays post isnt as exiting as i would like, But i gotta comment on this. The day results are a -100 dollars as i invested in what i will need(and the food for the day hehe).

As a side note i designed the scheedule of what my labor days will be. I also wnet jogging earlier than usual this morning(4:30am!). Well thats it for the day. Thanks for the read and hope you liked it

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