Conversation of Waves

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Conversation of Waves
Posted On 01/03/2009 08:17:10 by 4everlearner

Conversation of Waves

There was once a small wave who was unhappy. “I’m so miserable,” it moaned. “The other waves are big and powerful, while I’m so little and weak. Why is life so unfair?”

Another wave passing by heard the small wave and decided to stop by. “You only think so because you haven’t seen your own ‘original nature’ clearly. You think you’re a wave and you think you’re suffering. In reality you are neither.”"What?” The small wave was surprised. “I’m not a wave? But it’s obvious I’m a wave! I’ve got my crest, see? And there’s my wake, little as it is. What do you mean I’m not a wave?”

“This thing you call ‘wave’ is merely a temporary form you assume for a short time. You’re really just water! When you understand completely that this is your fundamental nature, you will no longer be confused about being a wave, and you will be free of your misery.”

“If I’m water, what about you?” “I’m water too. I’m temporarily assuming the form of a wave somewhat larger than you, but that doesn’t change my fundamental essence – water! I’m you and you’re me. We’re part of a greater self.”

Most people, mired in the illusion known as the material world, mistakenly assume they belong only to themselves. Therefore they compare themselves to other people. When they perceive some sort of lack or inequity, they become totally miserable. They would feel quite differently if they see clearly that all of us are part of nature. Every one of us is connected to one another in a fundamental way beyond the explanation of science. We’re part of a greater whole – the Oversoul, the Universal Sentience..

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