Can we stop change?

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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

I read somewhere that “Change is the only constant thing in the universe” and something came to my mind. Can we stop change ? or is it possible to stop the change in a changing pattern.

Let us say we have a changing pattern and we want to stop change. If we let the changing pattern continue then the pattern would keep changing since it’s a changing pattern and the change would not stop. If we stop the changing in the changing pattern then the stop would again change the changing pattern. Even though the changing pattern has now stopped changing but the stop itself is a change in the changing pattern.

Some people may say “If you stop the change in the changing pattern then the stop even though a change is the last change because since the pattern has now stopped changing it will not change in the future” but they should keep in mind that the stop in the changing pattern ended the changing pattern and a new pattern has now started which is not changing and such a pattern will not change in the future.

For those of you who took the time to understand this is what I concluded :-

A changing pattern will continue to change unless the changing of the pattern is stopped which stops the pattern itself. Change in a changing pattern cannot be stopped as long as the changing pattern exists.

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