Becoming Fearless

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Becoming Fearless
Posted On 09/19/2008 16:15:16 by real

Fear and love are the basic emotions we have. All other emotions branch from these two. Love is the energy that expands and creates. Fear is the energy that contracts and destroys.

To become successful in life you must free yourself from your fears. The process of self improvement is in essence about moving from emotional patterns of fear to emotional patterns of love.

Fear can be defined as the emotion caused by the thought that we are not going to have something we think we need to have [N. D. Walsch]. It is important to understand that fear is always based on importance, or on exaggerated value. If something is important to you, you will experience fear of loosing it or fear of not getting it.

If your job is important to you, you obviously will fear loosing it and thus avoid taking risky actions that would bring you further. If your mate is important to you, you will experience fear of loosing her or him. Consequentially, you will behave in a certain way like displaying neediness or jealousy, which are very destructive behavioral patterns in a partnership. If public opinion is important to you, you will experience fear of interaction with other people and tend to avoid social gatherings. In general, expectation of a certain outcome implies importance of that outcome, which in turn causes fear of not creating the desired results. The ultimate fear is the fear of death. If your life is important to you, you will obviously experience fear of loosing it. Paradoxically enough, if your life is important to you, you are afraid to live!

We come into this world to experience reality and to enjoy life. There is nothing truly important in this world. We cannot take anything with us from this world when we pass on. Importance is an illusion, a very persistent one. Destroy this illusion to get rid of fear and become a loving being.

In your job you can still remain reliable and take your obligations seriously. But do your thing, dare to be yourself and know that there is nothing to loose. And if you do loose your current job, because you have dared too much, you will easily find a better one or get promoted surprisingly. In your partnership, know that you enjoy it but also know that you are independent and enjoy life with and without her or him. Always remember that every thing happens in your life in your favor in full alignment with your desire. Nothing can happen to you unless you let it.

Deliberate expansion of your comfort zone is a very powerful tool to destroy the illusion of importance and to get rid of fear. Every day of your life do something scary.

Your life is important to you, and you would rather look up the statistics of accidents in skydiving instead of just doing it yourself? Well, it is time to go skydiving! That is why people do life threatening sport activities, while others call them nuts. Fear is a signal that you are attracting the outcome you are afraid of. Without fear of loosing life you will definitely survive every undertaking, no matter how dangerous it might look like for an observer.

There is nothing truly important in this world; there is nothing we truly need. Realizing that will destroy the illusion of importance. If nothing is important to you, there will be no fear in your life. In absence of fear, love will fill your heart and nothing will stand in your way. You will become free, happy, and successful.

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