About the herd

11:31 am in Self-Development by Artem-Iashin

Cage. There are five monkeys. From the ceiling tied up a bunch of bananas. Underneath the stairs.

Hungry, one of the monkeys went to the stairs with clear intentions to get a banana. As soon as she touched up the stairs, you open a tap and begin to watering all the monkeys with very cold water. It takes a little time, and another monkey tries to eat a banana. The same actions on your part. The third monkey, insane from hunger, trying to get a banana, but the other grabbed her, not wanting a cold shower.

Now, remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey. She immediately noticed bananas, trying to get it. To her horror, she saw the angry faces of other monkeys, that have began to attack her. After the third attempt, she realized that she can’t get a banana. Now remove from cage  one of  the original five monkeys and place there a brand new one. As soon as she tried to get a banana, all the monkeys attacked her together, also with monkey, that was replaced the first (and even with enthusiasm).

And so, gradually replacing all the monkeys, you will come to a situation, where there are five monkeys, which do not watered with cold water, but they will not allow anyone to get a banana. Why?

Because it’s so accepted.

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