A Way to Success – Part II

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A Way to Success – Part II
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A Way to Success – Part II

Learn to observe. See what is so, do what works.

Denial is a powerful obstacle in the growth process. People are unwilling to change their thoughts and actions despite the observation that they produce undesired results, because they deny what they observe. Learn to observe, learn to recognize denial. Admit your mistakes, and change your thoughts and actions to produce results serving you.

Follow your inspiration. Abandon your ego.

Your ego is an intelligent construct in your mind. The ego is comparative and judgmental, causing you to prove to others and yourself that you are better and worthy. It is conditional, causing you to give only if you see an obvious gain for yourself in doing so. It is the cause of the revengeful thinking. It assumes separateness and identifies itself with things considered as valuable, such as material goods and career achievements. It causes you to strive for recognition of others, becoming an approval junkie. It is the very opposite of your divine self and shows many parallels to the theological concept of the devil. The greatest skill of the ego is to disguise itself as you. Thus, most people are unaware of their ego. Explore your ego, explore your spiritual nature. Learn to distinguish your higher thoughts from the thoughts induced by your ego. This way you have the power to consciously choose which thoughts to follow. Follow your inspiration and there will be no limits for you.

Be in the moment.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. You have three options to choose from. You may choose to act based on a belief formed by a memory of the past re-living the essence of this memory. You may choose to not act, because you are waiting for the perfect moment in the future to come. Or you can act on inspiration right now. Choose to trust in the divine and take the inspired action immediately. Know that you have everything you need to act on an inspired thought right now.

Act as if you know, before you know.

The life is the process of creation. The process of creation is the perpetual cycle: thought, word, action, word (e. g. comment of the perceived results), thought (conclusion). Every creation starts with a thought. Thought is the foundation of our universe that forms matter out of energy. Often enough we get caught in the cycle. To break out of the cycle you have to reverse the process: start to act first as if you know, before you say or even think. Be willing to take risks. Act despite your fear of doing so. This suggestion is hard to follow without having faith in it. Study the process of creation. The faith comes with understanding, just like confidence comes with competence.

Give unconditionally to receive gifts from life.

The rule of reciprocation by which members of a community tend to return a favor is just one small aspect of this universal law. We are all one. By giving to others you give it to yourself. Give unconditionally to be able to receive unconditionally. In our society giving is tied to spoken or unspoken conditions. From the very beginning of life, a child learns from conditional parental love characterized by rewards and punishments. This takes away the ability from people to give unconditionally. The sad consequence is that this also destroys the ability to receive unconditionally, which all great gifts from life are as the life itself. Give unconditionally and see the big picture the universe is painting around you. Never expect the return of your favor. But be prepared to receive a much greater gift from an unexpected source.

Feel free to do anything you want but be aware of the consequences.

As a human being you have free will. By definition, you are free to do whatever you want or think you want without any form of retribution or judgment from the divine. Free will would not exist if there was a punishment for doing wrong. There are also no rewards from the divine for doing right, since there is no wrong or write, unless you define these terms for yourself. You are the only one who is judging you. You are the only one who is punishing you. Forgive yourself all the mistakes you believe to have done. We are all one. For doing damage to others you will not be punished, unless you perceive the damage you have done to others as a damage you have done to yourself as such. Doing damage to others is not natural. Doing and being well to others is as natural as doing and being well to yourself.

Accept your infinite nature.

With your intellectual power and knowledge you might find a logical explanation for everything in your life and lives of others. Human logic limits you to your finite body and brain and its limited potential. Spirituality sets you free. Do not let the denial come into your way. Explore your true nature, read, listen, understand, and apply. Consciously track miracles, coincidents and signs you observe in your life, as they will serve you as proof. This is the way the divine communicates with you and everyone else who is willing to listen and to observe. Freely accept your infinite, spiritual nature, and you will find peace of mind and faith. With faith you will have the power do things beyond logic and rational explanation. With faith you will cheer about failure and see opportunities in it, while people will call you insane. With faith you will act on inspired ideas where all human logic will tell you that your action is wrong, and people around you will tell you that you are out of your mind. They will not understand how accurate their statement will be, as indeed you have to be out of your mind to be the highest vision of yourself. Be the highest vision of yourself, and there will be no limits of what you can experience in this world.

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