A Way to Success – Part I

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A Way to Success – Part I
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A Way to Success – Part I

Accept the responsibility for everything in your life.
Do not complain about your life; do not condemn people, world, circumstances. Do not become trapped within the victim mentality. Accept that everything in your life you have created yourself. If there is something in your life you do not like and have bad feelings about than change it. You are the only person who can make a change and you are surely capable of that. It is never too late for a change.

Accept the world and the people as they are, accept yourself as you are.
Do not judge the world and other people for their apparent imperfection. Do not try to change the world but understand that it exists the way it exists and there is a lot of beauty in it. Change the world by contribution, not because it is not perfect and need to be changed. Do not try to change other people if they do not match your ideals. Understand that your attitude to other people reflects your attitude to yourself. Do not judge yourself for being not perfect. Accept every aspect of your life as it is. To not judge means the same as to love unconditionally. Hence, love the world, people and, in first place, yourself unconditionally.

To change your life start working on yourself first.
Understand that the world you live in is not real in the conventional sense. It is not objective and it is surely not the same world another person lives in. You have made it up. Believing is seeing, not vice versa. The corner stone of the world you believe to be real is your belief system, which is essentially a set of interrelated beliefs. Everything in your life depends on your belief system. A belief is a free choice. For instance, if you believe that all people are friendly you will experience the truth of it in your reality. If you believe you are worthy you will tend to demand higher salary. The well known placebo effect is a further example. To change your life, start working on yourself by altering your beliefs. Throw away beliefs that disrupt you and install those that support you. Create a supportive belief system. Remember, you can believe what ever you want to believe.

Believe in yourself.
There is nothing you cannot have, be or experience. If you believe something you will experience it as true in your reality. Belief is a choice, it is a free decision. Believe that you are powerful and capable being. Believe that the whole universe supports you. Believe anything that support you. As Henry Ford used to say, whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right.

Live in faith, not in expectation.
Expectation is essentially a state of mind where you are passive and believe to know what is going to happen next in your life. In this mind state disappointment is pre-assigned, no matter if the outcome will match your expectation or not. Even if you have a positive expectation and the outcome matches it, you will come to believe that you can predict every step in your life and the life will become boring for you. In the majority of cases the life turns out to not match your expectation. On one hand it is a lesson that teaches you to get rid of expectations. On the other hand it is an approach to make your life more exciting. At all cost avoid all types of esoteric future prediction techniques like fortunetelling or horoscopes, because this will cause you to live in expectation. Live in faith instead. Your future is uncertain and you create it, you are pure potentiality. Do not try to decipher the way the universe will bring you what you have desired. Believe that all happens in your favor and everything will be in the right place at the right time when you need it.

Feel free to think for yourself.
Learn human psychology. Know how people can be manipulated. Be aware of mind control techniques. Learn what social conditioning is, how it works, and how it affects your life. Understand the positive and negative aspects of it. Identify how social conditioning limits you and free yourself from disruptive beliefs. Do not believe popular opinion or an opinion of a person who appears to know it better. Do not let repetition of an opinion make you believe it. Question everything. Dare to think for yourself.

Learn to listen.
Do not believe anyone but learn to listen and listen to learn. Learn how human communication works. No human can tell you the truth but only his truth, his personal view of things. Understand that everyone lives in his own unique personal reality. Besides, natural language is a very inefficient tool for communication and regularly produces unnoticed misunderstandings. Never trust blindly an opinion of a person based on academic degree, purported achievements, social status, and outer appearance. Do not only ask yourself what the person is telling but also why. Do not discredit a person or a whole book if some statement contradicts your beliefs, good ideas might still come.

Seek for continuous growth.
Personal growth is natural. Have fun learning new things and welcome changes. Explore your infinite potential. Achieve extraordinary results in every undertaking. Leave your comfort zone. Push the limits. Seek intentionally for opportunities and situations that will advance your growth. Try out a new job, travel around the globe, meet new people, learn your true nature, and the true nature of the world around you.

Never divert something from its intended use.
If you do, you will be chasing an illusion like a donkey chasing a carrot that is hanged in front of him. Do not go to work for money, get financial education instead; go to work for the sake of pleasure and to grow by learning new things. Do not make career to impress your friends or to meet expectations of your parents, do it for the pleasure of the process of making a career. Do not try to become rich, or attend yoga courses in order to meet a women of your dreams, learn how seduction works instead.

Know what you want, be a leader.
If you know what you want you inevitably become a leader; others become followers. Set your own goals and go for it. If you do not know what you want free yourself from disbelief and find to yourself. Know that the question is not if you can achieve it, because the answer is always yes, but if you desire to achieve it.

Be creative, not competitive.
Never compare yourself to others. Whatever you do, do it for your own pleasure, not to brag or to prove something or to be the best. Achievements based on competition do not last and are never satisfactory. Do not include competition into your goals; choose to be excellent but not better than others. As soon as you do it to outperform someone you act from a place of lack, you do not create but compete. Do not rush believing that you will miss the train both in metaphorical and literal senses. There is never a need for a rush unless you do it for the sake of pleasure from the process itself. Do it because you enjoy doing it; that is the very way of creation.

Enjoy every moment in life.
Do not confuse it with living for getting pleasure, since that implies that you do not have pleasure yet and thus act from a place of lack. Focus on positive things in life. Take note of things that do not seem to be positive, but do not focus on these. See challenges instead of problems. See opportunities instead of failures. Remember, everything in life happens in your favor. You live not to achieve, not to prove, because there is nothing to achieve or to prove, but to enjoy the life itself. The ultimate purpose of life is to enjoy every moment of it.

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