Penguin 2.0 rolled out on May 22nd 2013

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It’s that time again. After a long series of mini updates for Penguin 1.0, the newest version, referred to by Matt Cutts as Penguin 2.0 will be implemented into Google’s algorithm. The new update was just announced by Matt Cutts on May 22nd, so we don’t know exactly what changed yet. However, based on what Cutts has said leading up to the update, as well as what we learned from Penguin 1.0, we can make some likely assumptions. Please note that what follows is solely my best guess at what Google has changed with Penguin 2.0, and how to recover. New data may be revealed as tests get underway that changes the SEO community’s collective knowledge.

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by real

Do you want to know what other people think about you?

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The observed and measured working of the human brain exhibits many mechanisms that are very similar to those from today’s computer technology. Some examples are signal procesing, compression, encoding, cache, memory.
The part of the human brain that is responsible for perception of reality based upon sensory input uses some sort of caching mechanism. This cache contains parts of the reality that have been percieved before but are not perceived now. If you open a door to another room, its content is saved in this cache. If you close the door, the room and its contents behind the door feel like they are still there. However, it is possible to flush that cache and even disable it.
Experiencing reality with disabled cache is very frightening and intimidating, because you become very conscious of the fact that things that you do not directly percieve do not exist in your reality. If you close the door to the room, it feels like it has disappeared and does not exist behind the door. You feel an urgent need to open the door and to check if the room still exists. Although you see the same room again, you conclude that it may have been exchanged by another room that is completely the same while the door was closed.
From this experience you understand much better why babies are so intimidated by reality, especially when they are left alone.
From this experience you also conclude that your assumptions of what people think of you are based on your own thoughts and assumptions. It makes much more sense to decide what you want them to think about you or let them think whatever they like and do not bother at all.

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We are Back!

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for long delay in posting to blog, emails, social media etc. Business has eaten all our free time with Viktor, so we have “left” our project in free ride:)

But now we are back with awesome ideas and improvements in SelfmadeVIP!

The main project that we begin to working on is SelfmadeVIP Magazine on iPAD and Android platform. I’m sure that this will be  the best e-magazine on Success topic ever!

Stay tuned, best regards from team of SelfmadeVIP.



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Productivity Tools: Kindle Fire. Review

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Few month ago I’ve bought Kindle Fire in order to increase my productivity. I can say that Kindle Fire very good at it.

My first impression when I’ve launched it – was WOW! Awesome design, apps, high speed and ONLY for 199 USD. Sometimes level of today’s technology knocks out me.

After my first acquaintance I began to work on it.

I’ve found first minus: Fire is strongly bounded to Amazon appstore. And many programs are absent there :( (

But you can simply solve this problems and install Google Market with all apps that you need (just google this problem and you’ll find the answer).

After this I’ve installed my work and productivity apps:

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Blind Spots

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Few people can see themselves as they really are.
Let’s imagine a guy who every morning wakes up and scrutinizes over his collar and his tucked in shirt and other little details of his appearance. He gets nervous about how people will see him, think of him, and talk about him. But deep down, what he won’t acknowledge to himself is that nobody cares. He’s invisible. Nobody even notices him, let alone the details that he worries about.What if something happened that made him realize that he had been wasting all of his time and energy investing into a ritual that was completely meaningless?

He has a close female friend for whom he has a secret crush. Every weekend they get together, and he puts on his best cologne and cleans up his room… just in case.Someday he’s going to make a bold move. She always says that she wants friendship first. And she’s always complaining about how the guys that she dates don’t treat her right. But he would. He’s the nice guy she’s been waiting for.Tonight, they have a hot date. She’s been having boyfriend problems, and he’s the only one that she can trust to talk about it with. He takes her out and treats her to shopping and dinner, and then they go out for a few drinks. Then some random guy that neither of them ever met comes over and strikes up a conversation.

He tries to keep up with the conversation, but his girl seems to be focusing in on this new guy and filtering out everything he says. She doesn’t seem to hear him. So he buys this random new guy some drinks and laughs at all his jokes. The new guy even rewards him for this, by telling him how cool he is.A few minutes later his world collapses around him, as he watches his girl making out with this other guy. They come up for air every few minutes, to sip from the drinks that he bought them. And then she tells him, “I have to go home early, and this guy is friends with one of my friends and I’ve known him for a while and my house is on the way to his house so he’s going to drive me home. I’ll call you tomorrow. Thanks for everything, you are such a sweetheart.”
He has two possible interpretations in front of him.
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