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Stress: The Silent Killer?

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Stress: The Silent Killer?

Post by era1213 on Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:21 am

Stressed out and hating life? Swamped at work and feeling like you just can’t handle it? I think we’ve all felt like this at some point in our lives! Stress, the silent killer, has had its hooks in all of us. Now, we’ve all heard that stress is a bad thing: it takes years off our lives, causes immune deficiencies and generally makes our lives miserable. Well, recent studies have shown that we might have been giving stress a bad rap…

The best way to understand this mythical beast called stress is to look at its parts. Basically stress is the anticipation or experience of adversity or difficulty. We have an instinctual ability to combat this in the form of our “fight or flight” response. Not only do we engage our “fight or flight” response but our bodies automatically repress our need to rest and primes us for action by releasing adrenaline and cortisol. All in all, we are at our fighting best when stressed.

Doesn’t sound like too bad a place to be in the end! Researchers at Yale University did a study where they looked at over 400 groups of people working under stressful conditions and discovered that stress, and its negative impacts, are purely a mental state of mind. So basically we can turn stress into helpful tool or allow it to continue crippling us with a simple change of focus.

It would seem that stress can be harnessed to increase our immune system and build a long lasting confidence in our own ability to deal with obstacles. The amount of stress we experience in our daily lives used to be considered the overriding factor in determining whether or not we would experience the negative effects we commonly do. However, that too has been debunked!

The studies at Yale went on to show that those people who perceived stress in a positive fashion not only had higher performance results at work but were healthier, happy and had greater life satisfaction. The good thing for all us who sometimes feel like we just have too much on our plate and can’t cope is that with a simple change of perception we could be harnessing our stress in a positive fashion.

What we also need to bear in mind is that we all have limits. Taking on too many things will drive us into the ground no matter how we perceive things. We need to start seeing the challenges and difficulties we face every day as positive things. Taking them on as an opportunity to grow as people. By embracing our stressful situations we can turn our daily grind into something that was killing us into something that enriches our lives.

It would seem that stress is only the silent killer if we let it be so. Instead of trying to limit the stress in our lives we should rather change how we view that stress.

I'd love to hear what you think about stress – leave me a comment below!
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