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Steven Jobs (Billionaire, Computer&Animation)

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Re: Steven Jobs (Billionaire, Computer&Animation)

Post by viktorados on Sun May 18, 2008 12:00 pm

Steve Jobs
By Barbara Kiviat

Steve Jobs is great at playing the countercultural icon. He's a college dropout who once backpacked around India looking for spiritual enlightenment, and he takes only $1 a year in salary. There are righteous battles to fight, and with Macs and iTunes and iPhones, Jobs fights them, taking on the entrenched megaliths that try to dictate our tastes in computers and music and mobile phones.

But don't let the black mock turtleneck and denim trousers fool you. More than anything else, Jobs is a canny CEO who knows how to sell product. Steve Wozniak was the technical genius behind the first Apple computer; Jobs saw the marketability. He now presides over a company with $24 billion in annual sales and 22,000 employees. Jobs, 53, is revered by tech and design geeks, but the world's business-school students may have the most to learn from him. Apple's stock has shot up more than 70% over the past year, thanks to Jobs' strategy of focusing on his most profitable customers and coming up with new things to sell themA ' the ultra-thin MacBook Air most recentlyA ' rather than just chasing more market share.

Jobs may be a celebrity CEO, but he doesn't jump out of airplanes or traipse around Africa with bundles of cash. He is always in character and always on message, so much so that when late-night TV parodies him, he's invariably rolling out some new iProduct . Jobs gets called mercurial, egomaniacal, a micromanager. If that sounds a little like a CEO doing his job, maybe that's because he isA ' and a mighty fine one.
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Re: Steven Jobs (Billionaire, Computer&Animation)

Post by locto03 on Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:23 pm

Steven Jobs is a great leader. after the year job return he help Apple return to the competition with another hi-tech producer with a lot of amazing product like iPod, iTune, iMac.Today it has a market cap of $105 billion, placing it ahead of Dell and
behind Intel. Its iPod commands 70 percent of the MP3 player market. Four billion songs have been
purchased from iTunes. The iPhone is reshaping the entire wireless industry. Even the underdog Mac
operating system has begun to nibble into Windows' once-unassailable dominance; last year, its share of the
US market topped 6 percent, more than double its portion in 2003.

Steven Jobs has a great vision. he always produce amazing product that people all over the world will need it before they know they need it. His way of managing employee is really different from other popular producer in Silicon valley.
He sometime make his employee cry but with his employee it's alright because the finally result show that he always right.
He has the power to catch the best out of people make them them know they can do better than they can think. He make each of his employee keep their secret from the other. his employee's family don't know what apple is doing, the software department don't know what hardware department do and reverse. Therefore every time Apple show their new product it always a big curious and a big desire to own that product.
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