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Spread Rebate Program

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Spread Rebate Program

Post by butler on Mon May 28, 2012 8:50 am

Join our Spread Rebate Program and get the payments for each deal made by you, as well as the part of spread from the deals made by your referrals. Start getting the profit for the things you used to do for free!
While making each deal at FOREX market or CFD, you lose only on spread (the difference between supply and demand). The size of the spread can reach dozens of points on some instruments (currency pairs). It means that only by dealing with a broker your loss on the spread can make up as much as 400-500% of your deposit. Let’s give simple calculations to confirm this information:
While trading on the pairs with 2 points, with the average number of transactions being10 per day and 22 per month (22 working days), you will give away about 440 points to your broker. Annual results will be 5280 points!!! Even if you make all your deals really carefully and the risk is 10%, it will make up 528% of your deposit.
If you register through our website, we, as official representatives, will receive commissions from the Broker. Commissions vary greatly depending on the broker; they can range from 20% to 50% of the spread you have lost. In turn, we are ready to refund you most of this amount. Depending on the size of the accrued fees, we will give you back 50-75% of them.
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