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Spiritual And Life Coaching

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Spiritual And Life Coaching

Post by BuddhaMan on Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:10 am

Hello everyone,
My name is Dr. John Michael Christian. I work as a Spiritual Life Coach and have helped people worldwide to change their lives by changing their core fundamental thinking and beliefs. I've taught metaphysics and spirituality for over 30 years and have helped people around the country and world to change and heal their lives. In addition to helping shift core beliefs, I also teach you how to access the Now Moment and drop down out of the thinking mind and live from your heart in the Present.

I have a doctoral degree in Metaphysics and Spirituality and have been studying and teaching metaphysics, meditation and healing for over 30 years. During a ten year sabbatical I experienced five profound Spiritual Awakenings that showed me the Truth of life, and I can also help you to access that part of yourself in order that you can Awaken to your True Being and open to Grace.

For more information about me and my sessions you can contact me at johnmichaelchristian(at) and visit the websites below.
Dr. John Michael Christian MScD
For more information on me:
My websites:
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Re: Spiritual And Life Coaching

Post by Corwin_Smith on Mon May 23, 2011 6:36 am

Hi...Dr. Christian,

Really appreciate your instinct to motivate & change the thinking of people for their betterment.i have gone through your website..and find many things to learn from you..Thanks for your efforts in this field..

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