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SMV Coaching & Conference Calls

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Re: SMV Coaching

Post by arunmmw on Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:20 am

i read in SMV Coaching Group forum about skype conf call, i support the use of skype :)
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Re: SMV Coaching

Post by maxdog on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:40 pm

Post is also here in the SMV Coaching Group Forum:

Ok today I have not much time, I already have many ideas - but I need to bring them together in a bigger concept and of course
I am getting a lot of new ideas, especially by reading your suggestions.

King Darkos idea of special coaches on special subject is great - and scheduling skype sessions also.

Viktorados idea to first make group conference calls is also really good and I am currently thinking of sample questions -
we have to make good ones which make the goals clear but also allow a lot of freedom for the things the individual wantA s to accomplish.

developing_success ideas for a plan on a availability list and his other ideas also can be perfectly implemented for the bigger concept.

A skype conference between Members of the SMV Coaching group would be great - but maybe next weekend is a bit soon maybe
when we make it one or two later more SMVA s could participate because then most of the members donA t have to work and more of them know about it,however on Saturday I normally would have time.

I will work more tomorrow on the concept.

Here is a good article on the subject (too big to qoute):

We have also a lot of books on the subject of books on coaching especially for the financial area:
Howard Morgan, Phil Harkins, Marshall Goldsmith - The Art & Practice of Leadership Coaching

J K Smart - Real Coaching & Feedback: How to Help People Improve Their Performance

Maybe there are some good ideas in them however itA s clear that every book on the special subject of the coach
is good and that a coach should have a bigger knowledge of Personal Development subjects and products.

Here are examples of fields of coaching:
-Breaking bad habits, adopting new habits
-Time management and personal productivity improvements
-Building self-discipline
-Building courage
-Discovering your life purpose
-Starting a new business
-Generating passive income/generate passive income
-Dietary improvements
-do better in school
-pickup -really take action in the field the coach holds you accountable

..and so on.

When you look for a coach on the internet - there are many good ones however 70 Dollar per 60 minute phone call
or a 6 month coaching relationship for 900 Dollar are not for everyone - and when you hire a paid coach you
donA t coach yourself which is the really cool part 8-) .

ItA s great too see the positive response and the willingness to contribute. :)
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Re: SMV Coaching

Post by maxdog on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:52 pm

From Now on, every post which relates to SMV Coaching is posted in the SMV Coaching Group Forum:
new post on organisaztion
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Re: SMV Coaching

Post by maxdog on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:51 pm

-The Coach keeps private things privat, he doesnA t ask about the clients real name, telephone number or other contact information.
Information about the job of the client is not asked for - but can be used if the client wantA s to tell them.
-The Coach works towards the Clients Goals, not on the Coaches Goals for the Client
-Positivity, no negative complaining which helps nobody
-Acceptance of the Clients Worldview (you can try to change it but nobody is going to be forced into a different Worldview).
-In general nobody is forced to nothing
-The Coach doesnA t use the information he has about the Client against him
-The Coach never lets a Client down and he does all he can to not miss a coaching session. This is also Clear for
the Client
-Over the long time someone who getA s coached also has to put in the time to coach this is only fair, however
maybe there are some special cases (complete beginners in Personal Development, very bad english and so on).

I think most of this should be common sense - The Coach really tries to help the Client to get what he really wantA s.

2.Techniques/Things to remember
The Coach tries to bring the Client to solutions from which the Individual already may have thought about, but didnA t follow through.
He also offers his own suggestions but providing solutions is not difficult, following through - really taking action is difficult,
the Coach is there to motivate and Guide the Client through the Process.
Nobody can go from zero to hundred over night and hold this standard - slowly but real consistent improvement which lasts.
Also the Coach should encourage the Client to to things for himself to celebrate his victories.
Everything from Personal Development related toward the Goals.
Analysis tools, Goal setting, NLP, Eft and so on.
The Coach tracks the progress and gives the Client a rating how well he does.

Here is a list with useful Techniques for Coaching, its not to much related to the organisation because of that the Post is here:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
Of Course the list of techniques for Coaching is endless, but I think the biggest technique of all is that the Coach
has a list of the work which has to been done next week, and after this week he holds the Client accountable.
I think this motivates more than anything.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

There should be a longer get to know session at the beginning of the Coaching relationship, then the Coach and
the Client could agree on a weekly schedule (I think 1 session per week always on the same time would be perfect).
The time a Coach/Client has, can be seen in his Coaching Profile.
Communication normally is first over forum, for scheduling then over messenger and for the real weekly sessions over skype.
I think when you really speak the whole thing is a lot more effective, however if someone doesnA t want to do skype sessions
the coaching could also be perfectly done without them.
The messenger/skype information could be written in the Coaching Profile.
I donA t know how long a coaching session will take I think this depends largely on Coach and Client, and is different
every session for fixed times 30 or 60 minutes would be good.

4.Coaching Profile
We make a thread for this and every Participant posts the following information (The Question with the answer):
Username: xyz
Want's to get coached: yes or no
Want's to coach: yes or no
Sessions per Week
Get coached: 1
Coach: 1

Fields of interest (in order of importance): LOA, Productivity, Finding Purpose

Available on the following days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

IA m Coaching: YOU IF YOU WANT
(After a time Period a rating of the coach could be done and be posted in his Profile).
(For special cases, someone needs immediate coaching/help because something very bad happened, just write messages
to a coach)

5.Coaching Relationship
First there is a test period (a few sessions) and then the Coach and the Client can agree on how long the Relationship
will at least last. I donA t think there should be a limit, however it would be only intelligent to get coached by different
coaches which different fields of interest.

6.Beta test and START
Well I think the organisators of the Project should be the first oneA s who take part in it. The whole thing can get started
when the other organisators agree with the concept. Of course it really starts when the first cleint communicates with
the first Coach.
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Re: SMV Coaching

Post by maxdog on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:51 pm

I think a beta test would provide the information which is needed to make the organisation and the concept really work,
or at least improve it dramatically. - When we test it we really know how this looks like.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
So what would you like to improve

IA m sure you have some ideas for improvement
IA m waiting for responses and when the concept is Complete we can all make our Profiles.
The reason I donA t have one yet is that maybe you have something important to add or the Profile.
And remember the really effective concept can be made only after a Beta Test. I would be ready to start.
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