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Practicing psychology, nlp, and free coaching

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Practicing psychology, nlp, and free coaching

Post by jamilpremji27 on Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:34 pm

I believe I have a great understanding of human psychology and am currently in the process of educating myself more. Currently I hold a bachelors in psychology/philosophy and am a NLP practitioner, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in practicing and discussing NLP or psychology theory over skype phone or email periodically sometime? I already have people I keep in contact with, where we discuss core issues in the psychology, philosophy and NLP though I am looking for one more person. (To learn more, to practice and to discuss)
My strong points as a practitioner of change is
- Muscle gain, and fat loss
- Time management
- Figuring out direction in life
- Social circle building and the simplicity of building rapport with people
- Discipline and motivation
- Gaining access to empowering states. Such as "more confidence"
- Hypnosis for a variety of issues
Thus I am also willing to work (or help) with up to three people for free weekly on any of these topics until September, where I will be moving countries and would not be willing to service for free. I also worked as a salesman, a dating coach, and a few other gigs which may be of value to some people. :)
If anyone is interested please private message me and I will respond asap. Any questions or comments are encouraged, SMV is an amazing community and I am hoping to get to know its users a little more.
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