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Please help me pass an important exam.

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Please help me pass an important exam.

Post by bullethead on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:55 am

hi everyone, I am studying to take a test called the mcats which is used to get into medical. I took it twice and I did miserably on both. The funny thing is I feel like I study 10x harder and longer than my peers and do 10x worse. I signed up to taking the test next month on April, 9th. Can anyone offer me any motivation, coaching, or tips? because what I am doing is clearly not working.

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Re: Please help an idiot.

Post by pipette4x on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:06 am

perhaps it's your belief system and confidence that needs some work. or try some visualization of you studying. also visualize yourself taking the exam and doing well. it's important that when you visualize that you go into great detail. do this daily, even several times. take breaks, enjoy life a bit.

there's probably some great resources in this forum. i know psychocibernetics goes into detail about the visualization or movie in the mind.

good luck, i hope this helps.
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Re: Please help an idiot.

Post by bullethead on Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:54 pm

thanks I will look into psychocibernetics. It sounds interesting.
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Re: Please help an idiot.

Post by qq1234 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:54 am

1. Have a strong reason of why you have to pass.
2. Ask and learn from your friends that have passed. Learn how they learn and what they focus one.
3. Do some relaxation before you study. Study for 1- 2 hours, then rest before continuing.
Hope it helps. ( :
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Re: Please help an idiot.

Post by BuddhaMan on Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:48 am

I would say that in some way you have an unconscious block that is causing you to fail, even though consciously you desire to succeed. Subconscious beliefs like this are the result of our acceptance of what someone told us was true at one time (usually during early childhood) such as "you are stupid, you'll never amount to anything etc. Where ever it came from, the reason we fail is because we believe we will. The fact that you called yourself an idiot shows that you have a belief that you are.. probably on a deep level.

The way to deal with these types of things is to look at the stories we tell ourselves first. These stories emanate from what we believe to be true subconsciously. Then once we are aware of our stories, it's a simple matter of reprogramming the subconscious mind by using the following technique.

First, sit down and write out everything you believe about the situation (in this case your course). Things like "I can't do it, I'm stupid" etc. will probably come up. Write down whatever comes to your mind in order and on separate lines and number them.

The next step is to ask yourself a few very simple questions.
1. Is this belief true?
Usually you will get a "yes" in response to that from the mind because it sees what it believes is
solid evidence of it.
2. Can I be absolutely positive that this is true?
Usually the answer to this one is no. It's impossible for the mind/ego to know whether it is
absolutely true in all instances and under all conditions, and so it will generally answer with no.
3. What might my life be like without this belief?
This question leads the mind to consider what could happen if the belief weren't there. It's very
powerful because without a limiting belief anything could happen and the mind knows that.
4. Am I willing to let go of this belief now?
Usually the answer will be yes if the mind could see a positive outcome (a better life, passing a
test etc) from previous question. If it is.. go to the next step. If it isn't a yes, then go back and
re-start the process and do it again. This usually isn't necessary though.

The last step is to choose to release the limiting belief and replace it with an empowering one..
1. I now choose to release this limiting belief. I know it is not true, and I choose to be free of it.
2. I release it now, and replace it with the belief that I am an unlimited being of Divine Light and
Love. I am part of God in Creation.. and because God is unlimited, by my very nature I am too. I
strong, capable, confident, and I can do anything I set my mind to doing.

You can modify the last one with whatever you like. The important thing is to use phrases that don't set off your ego's bullshit detector.. or what it thinks is bullshit anyway. You can tell when this happens because when you use affirmations that your subconscious doesn't accept it creates a feeling in your gut. So if your BS meter pegs that means you have just struck another negative inner belief and your affirmation wasn't accepted as true, and won't be installed in the subconscious as a new core belief. In order for affirmative statements to work and beliefs to shift, you have to world them in such a way that you bypass the inner negative beliefs. For some people, it works better to say things such as, I am becoming more powerful every day, I am growing more loving, smarter, wiser, etc with every passing day. The mind usually can't argue with that because it is an intangible. Try this and let me know how it works out for you.

Another thing you can do is if you're trying to pass an exam, visualize yourself holding your paper after the fact, and see an A or B or whatever grade your deeper mind can believe is true for you. When you see it, imagine how good it will feel when you have the paper back with a wonderful outcome. This is creating from the point of "It's already happened".. and it is VERY powerful. Feeling what is feels like to have already accomplished your goal is enormously powerful.. much more so than the actual visualization. Some people have difficulty with that, so if you can't don't worry about it.

And lastly.. because everything is energy.. put your book under your pillow and tell yourself that you are going to absorb everything in the book as you sleep. This has been scientifically validated and works. It causes you to align energetically with the morphic field of the writer and of everyone who has read and understood it.

I believe these techniques will help you a great deal. They've helped thousands of people around the world. If you do need more help I work as a Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor and will be happy to help you (just send me a message via the forum). I have a Doctorate in Spiritual and Metaphysical Science and work with people one on one through email or Skype.
Dr. John Michael Christian MScD
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