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Pattern to get rich

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Re: Pattern to get rich

Post by marinhogomes on Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:19 am

I had a similar position to you, I was on a bad paying job that was leading me nowhere.. and I was starting to get seduced by the stability voice... but one day I saw that I could do much better, and I quit the job.

I did mostly because I was in a situation where I could quit the job if I want. I could stay at home, working for myself, I didn't have to specifically work for anything, my family had the money to sustain the house (food and other stuff)... they didn't depend on me for any house expense. I had the possibility of making plans in long term like 3 years.

Other reason was that I could make money from home, doing freelance work for companies, and have time for other projects. And is mostly what I have been doing for the past few years. I done work for people all around the world with my skills. But that is because I work with web design and development and that kind of work, you can do anywhere.

Build skills where you can work from home, or build a business from your house. Opportunities is everywhere you look, independent of your age or location. If you have ideas and want to build them, but the work don't let you, you have to start analyzing the situation a little bit more.

Can you leave the job
Is the money from this job essential in your life
Does your life depends on it

Because if your life depends on it.. (lives by yourself.. have to pay all the bills) ok don't quit your job, just yet. But if you can stay at home for now, and grow your own business.. it's way better.

Don't get too seduce by your job.. it can go against you. You could start creating a bad mentality about money, and start thinking $5k/month.. is like a lot of money... and you start give to much value to little money.
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Re: Pattern to get rich

Post by nhaggart on Wed May 07, 2008 10:46 am

I have a fulltime job - 8.30 to 5/30PM

But there is 24hrs in a day not 9.

What I have learned is that if you want something in life you have to work hard for it but if you really want something you have to work harder.

I used to think that if I worked really hard at my job I would be rich. NOT NOW!!!

My job pays my liabilities debt etc....

I manage to put away A'A 200 a month for assets.

I have just started and the first month of my new cash flow clampdown I have not managed to save A'A 200 I managed to save A'A 900.

That A'A 900 is going into a business I have started, again online. it is not running yet but I'm building the system not the business, when I launch I hope to employ people to do the work for me, so I can still work to pay the bills and the income from the business will just go back into the asset column, weather it be back into the business or another asset I donA ' t know.

Also from my salary I will keep saving as much (A'A 200 at least) into my asset column.

I aim to get out of the rat race not jump out of the rat race and into the fire!!!

Keep your job and put the rest of your time into your assets.

Here is where I spend my time.

7.45 A ' go to work
Listen to audio books on ipod,
Read paper (or a book depends how complicated the thing is on my Ipod)
When I read the paper I read between the lines and get a REAL picture for what is going on in the country. (DonA ' t believe what you read believe what you think)

8.30 A ' arrive at work

12pm A ' 1pm lunch
Eat and read more research etcA ' A online forums, books A ' sit in park and listen to audio books etcA ' A

5.30pm A ' go home

Same as in the morning A ' listen and read.

Get home around 6.15 A ' and have dinner etcA ' A

7pm A ' 10.30 work on my business A ' documentation etcA ' A . also I'm designing the webpage so have to learn flash A ' do 1hr of total training flash course.

Basically every minute I get IA ' m learning.

Learn learn learn

You either want it or you donA ' t.


hope this helps.
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Re: Pattern to get rich

Post by bladedeux on Thu May 08, 2008 12:03 pm

like Jim Rohn says : "work full time on your job and half time on your fortune"
like dennis witely says : "risk taking is security making"
like robert kioysaki says :" let the money work for you instead of you working for the money"
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Re: Pattern to get rich

Post by spage on Fri May 09, 2008 11:32 am

thanx guys, real eye opener :D
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Post by leo_vip on Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:27 am

viktorados wrote:Here you definitely need Kiyosaki :D

Quit a job, without any assets - a risky decision. But if you have a really great idea for your business - this might work as well.

In ideal scenario: build some assets (real estate, own businesses, investments etc) from your savings while at work, than - when the passive cashflow (from assets) will be higher than your paycheck - quit your job, and enjoy the life of a businessman and assets owner :D

But it should be your own decision: because neither of us here knows you and your situation (better than you) - in order to give you any advice. :D :D :D

definitely agree there. do not quit your job, first steak out what your business plan is, work out the logistics, build a team and once you have enough financial backing then go ahead and take the plunge. it wont be easy, but if you take the plunge and cannot afford to do so it will not go well. i suggest you stay at your job, but focus more on your innovative idea. work on it, recruit people whom you think will help you make it become a reality and dont listen to those who try to bring you down.

keep us posted on how it goes and post on the forum for others to give you feedback on your company, etc.
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