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Passive income ideas or real stories?

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Passive income ideas or real stories?

Post by viktorados on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:00 pm

Hi everybody,

I would like to ask you one interesting question...

Have you ever thought about sources of passive income
which you could set up within first 6 months?

Have you ever created a business? or a network? or have you ever set up some system which has brought you income with little degree of your own participation in the process after the set up?

Let us share in this thread such opportunities, ideas and chances
so that everybody would benefit from your knowledge
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Re: Passive income ideas or real stories?

Post by reguy616 on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:25 am

I would love to elaborate a bit more, but at the moment I am somewhat pressed for time.

Here's the skinny: A few years back I was doing a ton of real estate wholesaling (a no money down, no risk form of investing) and one day after feeling a bit discouraged and let down by yet another "End all be all" investing system, I decided I would make my own.

Was I an author? no

Had I ever spoke before? no

Had I ever so much as considered "Guruing" (for lack of a better word)? No.

The only thing I knew is... what I was doing in wholesaling was working like crazy, so I figured, all in all, if worse came to worse I would just talk to myself about what I do.

So I got a phone number that would record a call, I didn't have any fancy microphones or anything else... Nope I had a cell phone and a recordable phone number. So I pulled my Corvette off to the side of the road and called the recordable number and just started talking.

The format went like this... "Well, alot of people want to know the best way to make money in real estate when you're broke, so here's what I tell them" then I would go on and answer my own questions and basically interview myself.

Here's what's funny, Right in the middle of the call these two creepy looking dudes are coming up slowly behind me in the car. I had the top down on my Vette and as they creeped up on me I started screwing the call up royally. Then they stopped and said "Love your vette man?", then just looked at me like I was supposed to say something. I said "Hey thank you, i'd love to chat, but I'm in the middle of a very important call".

Knowing full well that I was clueless how to edit out our conversation I tried my best to keep it short, sweet, and SAFE.

After the most excruciating 45 minutes of my life, I called it good and returned home to do my salespage. I didn't know anything about web hosting or building a site so I got a free Google web page and put up some very bad salecopy, with lots of giant letters and hightlights... trying in vain to mimic other copy that I had seen.

To order the product people would need to email me and tell me, then I would give them my wifes paypal address....

I used the signature line in the forums within my niche and ended up selling over 200 of my little systems for $30 piece.

I was hooked

I'll tell you, it's like crack, going to bed, falling asleep and waking up to find people have sent you money. I was so hooked. This may sound sick to some of you, but I was more happy with every $30 sale than I was then when I would routinely come how with $20,000+ paychecks.

I say all that, just to say this...

Good enough is good enough, sometimes you need to shoot first and aim later.

It was my goal from the beginning, to see how big I could build my web business. I had one major rule. I was never allowed to chip in a penny of non internet made money. Meaning it had to be built from scratch and could only be grown with profits made then reinvested.

Today when I wake up in the morning, on average people have paid me $300-$400 night while I sleep, meaning we'll do well over $100k this year and I haven't even scratched the surface....

also, in case you don't think you have the "Connections" that I might. I did all this with no affiliates, no outsourcing, just me, my laptop, and my spare time.

I hope this inspires some of you to do the same.
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Re: Passive income ideas or real stories?

Post by conal29 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:45 pm

can you take a picture of your page? i am exited about your job.
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Re: Passive income ideas or real stories?

Post by shinyjourney on Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:38 am

I love your story and it shows that when you bring value in the market, like you did giving advice in what you knew best, the market show you its interest!!!

I would love to here other stories too!!

" My Journey To Success! "
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Re: Passive income ideas or real stories?

Post by richieporter on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:28 am

That's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how inspiration can strike at any moment and ignite a fire of brilliant ideas.
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