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Online platform to increase happiness

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Online platform to increase happiness

Post by driechel on Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:56 am

Hi everyone,

already since I was 16 I have spent a lot of time in reading and studying psychology theories. I have always been interested in meditation and finding peace and happiness with myself. Now about 12 years later I decided to turn one of my dreams into reality and build an online platform for self-development to increase peoples happiness.

In short the idea is to build a website where people can train themselves on a regular basis (daily if you want to ). Based on your profile you can for example choose specific areas that you would like to improve.

I would really like to interview some people that are already interested in this topic so that I can get a better insight in what other people want and think. Because I believe that personal contact is very important I would like to do the interviews via skype (or phone). The interview would work like this: I’d start by describing the main problems I am tackling, and then I’ll ask if any of those resonate with you.

Your opinion means a lot to me and this might be a chance to help give shape to a platform that will hopefully also help you!

If you are interested and would like to arrange a date for the interview please contact me at:

dennie [at] learntobeme [dot] com

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