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On Being a person of Actions instead of words

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On Being a person of Actions instead of words

Post by ChidoOne on Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:20 pm

"I cannot hear what your words say, because your actions speak louder"

We all have been there. You have a plan or goal, you have a strategy, and every detail laid out.
You are so exited and enjoying every second of it.

Then you go and share with your friends or family your plan or idea. Now why we do that . You see i know when we do something like this its because we want to share the exitement that we are living with the people we care about.

But then something happens. Suddenly your bombarded with all kinds of negativity, you have lots of pressure where there wasnt any before. We come of as people that try to sell something that nobody wants. It can be very painful. Sometimes they just dont get it, its like speaking chinese to someone that does not know the language.

But yet we continue to tell new ideas hopping one of them will bring the contagious enthusiasm we are looking for.

Im sorry to rain on your parade but i have realized that telling people about your plans is a way to find people that will tell you all the reasons why your idea will not work. Its just a pain in the ass and not worth at all. We hope to bring allong partners in crime but we end up being lapidated by the masses.

And thats not the worse part. The worse is that by telling people about what you have in mind, your subconcious assumes that you are working on your idea, but what is really happening is that your are just yapping and not moving forward.

Think about that for a minute. If you tell 4 people about your idea in a day and you get home. You are left with the fellling that your idea has been present all day long and you are moving forward. But whats really happenning is that you are just chatting up(and with great chances of being bombarded with negative stuff in the process).

If you dont do anything about this, It will become a vice circle in wich your persona will constantly have to deal with lots of extra(and unnecesary pressure).


When a new idea crosses your mind and becomes the lady of your eyes, Just shut up and go make it happen.
If you want to enter food business then congratulations, go and make yourself some business card. If you want to make a website then just do it.

By acting this way before you know it you have your idea RUNNING and then people will come by themselves and you will see the ones that will join you. You will not have to convince anyone. Whats more you have the upper hand since what you have is real and not just an idea.

Also this way you will build a reputation of being a man of actions. This is a very powerful state. By being like this people will look at you and wonder "what the hell is he comming up with now!", But in a good way of course.

Thats my two cents on the topic. Just have in mind that most of the time we fill our time doing so much before actually doing something productive. Thanks for the read and hope you enjoyed :D
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Curious Child
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Re: On Being a person of Actions instead of words.

Post by viktorados on Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:07 pm

I completely agree with you!!! Let's make this a motto of our lives! :wink:
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Re: On Being a person of Actions instead of words.

Post by sky on Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:16 am

very nice message.

I generally try to follow this philosophy but even if I do tell somebody about my idea its only someone who I know will provide encouragement for sure ( like somebody from my mastermind group). Sometimes you need to double check things, get different perspectives.

but then again it depends. You could tell a 1000 other folks and not be affected by what they think if you have a strong enough model of reality.

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Re: On Being a person of Actions instead of words.

Post by GetAhead on Tue Nov 18, 2008 3:15 pm

Keeping something to yourself may not be such a good idea. Imagine that you want to start off on something new. Not all of us are blessed with the foresight and vision to make the going smooth. If you are one such person, then the probability is that you may face difficulties in your endeavour as you had not planned for them. Talking to someone before hand can help to get alternate ideas on going about your pet project. Ido agree that most people try to find faults and negative factors in your venture but it is just that they think they are actually doing you a favour by pointing out the difficulties ahead.

So I would say that set your goals and plan for them and try to think of the possible obstacles and the solutions. You can't think up everything of course, but do try to plan ahead. And do discuss your plans with some one else, they can give you valuable inputs. Of course you have to choose the right person(s) for this purpose.
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Re: On Being a person of Actions instead of words

Post by maxdog on Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:40 am

You are so right!
Sometimes when you tell people about your plans itA s like the energy is lost, I also red about this in think and grow rich.
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