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Offer: Improve your stock market returns drastically

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Offer: Improve your stock market returns drastically

Post by chandu14 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:23 am

I have been in stock market for some time now and I made a good amount of mistakes myself. Learnt from others and from my own mistakes. After a few years, finally I am able to make a consistent 3-5% (or some lucky months even more) per month. Does it not sound good? Think again. Yes PER MONTH. Again it will not come easy to anybody. You need the knowledge, practice and disciplined implementation. You need to learn and not repeat mistakes as well. I would now like to help out some like minded folks as well to get the secrets. In the process, I also want to make a few extra dollars. If you are interested let me know.

It costs you 200 bucks - the topics covered would be -
Priniciples of success in Stock Market (not every body makes money, remember?)
Basics of stock market (which you never paid attention to)
Technical analysis - identifying the right oppurtunities
Introduction to options
Option strategies for the market conditions (markets keep changing but history repeats in markets)
Putting all the components together for success

Please give me call at 440-533-5997 or leave me an IM. Thanks
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