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Not Feeling Happy... The Cause Of These Destructive Habits??

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Not Feeling Happy... The Cause Of These Destructive Habits??

Post by Zirex on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:35 pm

Why is it that some days I feel MOTIVATED, INSPIRED and HAPPY?

I wake up and I'm immediately taking action.

I do my Hour of Power, I eat healthy, I exercise, I am productive, I'm
in a fantastic state, my standards are high and I start the day fast,
and finish it STRONG.

And then on another day, it will be the opposite. I feel lazy, uninspired,
unmotivated, I sleep in, I am unproductive, I have low standards, I'm
eating junk food and destroying my body and health. I feel unhappy
and I look for everything that I can to distract myself and change my
state... junk food, surfing the net, movies, sitting on the couch, etc...

I seem to be lacking major CONSISTENCY in my life.

About half the week is GOOD, the other half is BAD.

I take a step forward every week, and then one step back.

I think the root cause of these destructive habits is that I'm not fully
happy or fulfilled... or maybe not motivated enough. Not sure.

But even with doing my morning ritual and all the self-improvement stuff I do,
like empowering questions, incantations, etc... it doesn't seem to be
solving this issue.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Not Feeling Happy... The Cause Of These Destructive Habi

Post by ntb on Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:16 pm

Sounds like your doing fine to me. Being productive half the time is a lot more than a lot of people. Dont get down on yourself, being up one day and down the next is just part of being human I think.
Good luck
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