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New Begining

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New Begining

Post by GETSETGO on Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:23 am

had misposted this as a blog first

HI everybody

It's always difficult to make a begining (doesnt matter new or old).I have decided to begin my search for the life of my dreams right away as in NOW.....I would love to have all vip's and progressing peoples feedback..... I believe feed back and critique even though negative at times is essential for success.

So I have decided to jump into my life with both feet in. I have no money no resources and no support system backing me up in case I fail. So the best part is I have no responsibilities and no preconceived notions about things having to be a certain way either. I want to be wealthy that is my primary goal. I have broken down my goal to an exact amount which needs to be achieved within the next 4 months then the next year and then the next 3 years . It's not gigantic but it's no walk in the park either though it might be an insignifcant sum I truly have no money to afford to pay rent have to make it.. . All my life I have waited for things to be aligned people to be favorable, for having slightly more money in the bank etc. to start. But not this time I have decided to start witn what I have in my pocket. Thank you and thank you for truly enriching my life

About me and my goals

I live in india (Bombay to be precise) big city but too hard on my finances. So I have decided to move to Goa right away as in I drive down in exactly 3 days there. I have web design and marketing expertise so I have decided to focus primarily on web designing for locals to pay my bills food rent gas etc. MY true goal or rather once I am fed my other calling is to build a luxury travel marketing company. To that goal firstly I intend to build a website for myself for 5 star hotels in goa where I would be marketing travel to India (which is the top asian destination) and GOA which is the top indian destination. Goa is like the miami of asia...Full of rich tourists and people looking to have a good time. I also intend to build a lot of websites for the local hotels and resorts and market them.

I have complete confidence in my abilities as a salesman and believe I am an extraordinary designer. What I lack is the ability to open myself up I am shy in social situations and sometimes tonguetied due to social anxiety. Though this doesn not mean I cannot talk my way through most situations I just happen to live inside my head too much. I have decided to open myself up to all sorts of experiences good or bad. I have decided to grow up to my true potential to live a life of wealth and luxury. To create and pursue meaningful goals to not let just be a bystander watching the world passing by but to jump in with passion, to contribute, to give and, definitely to take all that, that is rightfully mine.

I have decided to focus on my finances and deal with my money situation primarily as that creates a major incongruency in my self esteem and my current conditions. Secondly I have decided to set my priorities in order and deal with only things that truly affect the quality of my life. I have decided also to have more true vip's in my life, people who have made there lives spectatcular....I do not intend to have mentors but rather role models who would or rather could direct me towards greater heights.

I also started a low carb lifestyle a few weeks ago which has given me dramatic results (weightloss) like nothing else has. Any person who is still struggling with weight loss in this boards heed my advice and go try a low carb lifestyle for a week I have had the best of all times during this trial. MY weight is dropping I am not hungry at all and the stuff I can eat eggs meat fish cheese butter etc. just keeps me in an extremely positive state. (plus you do not have to restrict food quantities)


I have a beautiful girlfriend and I intend to surround myself with more beautiful girls. I intend to be a PUA at some point in my life but right now I intend to be loyal to my girlfriend though I would definitely game up girls for practice in the meantime. If not the s** then just for the pleasure of having female energy around me. I am fairly attractive inspite of being obese by 30 kgs. (I am built like a fighter good genes) though I have decided that the weight is coming off this year too.

So this is my first post I am gonna be updating this every week so wish me luck and send me all the feedback you you all

GET SET GO................

Since then I have already moved on to Goa have landed a few designing jobs and am on my way to collect my first 2 paycheques (as in advance for the work alloted) :-)
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Re: New Begining

Post by mrheredia on Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:39 am

Wow, what a great example of really wanting success.
I applaud you and wish you the best!
Live the life of your dreams!
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Re: New Begining

Post by selma041878 on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:12 am

That sounds awesome, I also second the low carb diet, it works wonders. I am new hear and this is the first post I read, and its very inspiring, can't wait to see what you achieve!
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Ephiphanies (Kill Tony Robbins NOW)

Post by GETSETGO on Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:30 am

I haven't posted in the last 2 months on purpose..Since moving to GOA and subsequently beginning fresh...I have had huge epiphanies and I believe I am standing on the verge of a breakthrough personally..

For a brief continuation of events... I moved to goa landed a few deals to make a few websites....pocketed almost a 1000$ which is a hell lot in India...and invariably I started getting cozy.. went out bought

some fancy clothes went off the strict diet which was getting me results, stopped sarging after finding a girl etc. and in just a couple of weeks I was back to feeling the way I was before...having money albeit not a lot, also did not push me as hard as before.

Also during this time I read tony robbins like crazy...pumped up myself and then did nothing...except a few steps here and there ...In short I felt like a loser again.....pattern of my life ups and downs.......But this

time I was compelled by a burning hatred of my failures( not myself) So I turned my angers towards my mentors my slef help slickers...I hated tony robbins with vengeance.....I burnt all my Stephen Covey

Books literally and drove head first into actual biographies of successful people (like people who would edge each other out in the man of century category.....)

Here are my big epiphanies ......Please feel free to criticize me denounce me or even abuse me....I want to reach truth even if it means suffering wrath of a few..or many.

The most successful men /women are invariably alpha. They have no notions of respect and honor except when it is owed to them. They lead because others are too meek to be dominant. Politeness is a way of showing weakness. Being polite only works for a truly powerful person. It adds to there luster. A guy on the road being polite is considered beneath us. Be polite only strategically and not by default. Be dominant and proud by default.

A goal setting process is bunk. The most successful people never set goals of achieving there's. They typically set goals of mastering the processes. (Ex Obama when he started working might typically have

set up goals of working towards a better understanding of the political process and not of being a president. His mastery of the process, connections, fundraiser his own party men .etc etc. is how he actually

found himself running and winning the presidential race. (theory completely mine)

Most successful people lie saying that they set goals after reaching them. It's more typical they were so intently focused on mastering a process, the way ..that typically they never realized when they ended

up achieving the goals that they said that had themselves set ....

Success is a simple process Undivided, intense energy focused on the mastery of a SINGLE process...without setting any finite goal except complete mastery. Most of the goals we set are typically the fruits of the mastery.

No matter what people say passion and excitement do not help. In fact it's detrimental to the path of success.....coz invariably what excites us today will .....cause us to get tired tomorrow....for every high there is a low........ It's impossible to be forever passionate. what helps is deriving pleasure from minor accomplishments on the path of mastery. To be intensely happy and feel satisfied in achieving small goals ....this is what most successful men mean when they say that they were motivated throughout...

I don't think there is any option for hard work no matter how smart or creative or energetic you are. You have to put in the hours. You have to make sacrifices except eventually it doesn't feel like sacrifice since you relish the small victories so much.

To start with an end in mind is the ultimate stupidity....Most things you might have achieved become infinitely harder and stressful the moment we start with the desire of accomplishment ....instead a desire for mastery and the subsequent mindset ..... is infinitely easier.....

I have had a few more epiphanies I believe but this thoughts are as it is contrary. I am posting them here. I am genuinely interested in a debate. even debunking of my beliefs. feel free to flame.

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