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Need a Mentor

In this self improvement forum we help our members who search for mentor or go through challenges during their personal development

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Re: Need a Mentor

Post by JamesRob on Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:38 pm

I've been fortunate to have a few good mentors in different areas of my life. Most likely you will not get one mentor for every area of your life but will have many mentors in your life.

Virtual mentors can be good (books, blogs, etc.) but make sure that there's fruit on the tree! Make sure that the author/presenter isn't all hype no results (TOO many of those.)

For personal mentors, best to find in-person by networking, locating those (say fitness - find somebody who started where you are and reached the level you want) Find out about them - fine line between investigating and stalking! :) Then introduce yourself and offer to do something for them. Take them out to lunch. Give them something that may benefit them (information, a talent) then ask if you can pick their brains...and DO ask...don't just assume that they'll want to help you, but truly successful people love to help others in my experience.

Good luck!
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