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My Time To Rise & Conquer:

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My Time To Rise & Conquer:

Post by Chosen7 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:53 am

Greeting everyone! My name is Derrick Clark. I have 12world records in strength&endurance on Recordsetter. A up&coming inspirational speaker,grassroot leader,activist,radio personality;life coach,mentor &writer. I'm from Columbus, Ohio. I have overcame great adversity(being teased,bullied,the street-life,prison&homeless). My life journey as a long-sufferer, it taught me to be strong,risk-taker,driven,patience&have faith. As I got older I got wiser! I'm learning to become a master of life&seek out opportunities in any circumstances. I m glad! That can be able to add some value to this wonderful site! Plus, be able to share my story &help others to overcome their adversity. I hope everyone have a bless 2013&Beyond....
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