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My Strong Interest List - Looking For Perspective

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My Strong Interest List - Looking For Perspective

Post by IDirty on Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:39 pm

Hey all, I'm new to these boards and I'm glad to be here. I've been looking to more clearly define my interests and passion lately. Because of this I've been focused on self-inventory and keeping track of what makes me feel fullfilled. I'm looking for perspective on the following list I made after a decent amount of self-reflection. What kinds of activities, occupations, or careers does it sound like I would be interested in? What kind of person does it sound like I am? What advice would you have for a person with my interests?

Thanks for any and all input.

- Researching space, the cosmos, our universe, and life on other planets
- Nature, the environment, and seclusion with the natural world
- Real estate, owning property, building a fortress/home base
- Mentoring, coaching, and helping people improve aspects of their lives
- Human relationships, growing alongside people who inspire, empower, and improve you
- Female companionship, intimacy, love from and for women
- Any group activity, extreme sports, working in teams to create an experience
- Building wealth, financial freedom, and an interesting lifestyle
- Travelling, understanding cultural differences, natural phenomena, and the different ways people live
- Understanding people, their motives, goals, ambitions, and what truly drives them
- Leading a group to achieve a target, vision, project, or goal
- Being in a position where people respect, admire, trust, and rely on you
- Creating deep, rewarding, and meaningful relationships
- Music, dance, art, and the act of self-expression
- Being one with nature, animals, and the earth
- Men's fashion, style, and looking your best
- Fitness, nutrition, and the human body
- Human psychology and persuasion
- Social dynamics, body language, and social influence
- Self-improvement, conviction & congruency with self, and self-image
- Goal setting, strategizing, and attainment
- Feeling connected, relevant, and important to others
- Humour, oddities, and taking the time to enjoy the simplistic
- Living outside the comfort zone, defying limits and expectations
- Using your mind as a tool to help others live, learn, and prosper
- Photography, objects of sentiment, and tangible memories
- Living with natures best weather conditions, features, and amenities
- Ability to connect with a diversity of people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and languages
- Ability to unite people from all walks of life for a common goal in the name of prosperity, love, understanding, and fulfillment
- Raw, organic, healthy, and delicious food
- Peace of mind, serenity, and the knowledge that you are exactly where you should be
- Acting, frame control, adopting a completely different persona
- Design, layout, and functionality of buildings, cities, and countries
- Optimal human physical and mental performance
- Non-conformity, the unique, and being the exception
- Dreaming, visions, out-of-body experiences, and virtual reality
- Man-to-man or team-to-team competition

Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know what you think.
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