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Money=Happsiness? Here's my take on it...

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Money=Happsiness? Here's my take on it...

Post by qnn on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:52 am

This is one of the greatest questions that has been asked by millions of people over ages. I feel thet I am finally getting peace with myself over this... Here is what I've concluded:

Money and material wealth are not path to sustainable happiness, contentment or optimal life experience. Material wealth is socially conditioned symbol of happiness, but as with most social conditioning it is an illusion. Material wealth can improve your well-being, in terms of comfort and opportunities you have, but on a fundamental level it is not essential to happiness, contentment, optimal experience at all. I am sure even you know personaly people who do not possess great wealth, but are still happy.

What we are after are the emotions that these items or experiences that money allows us to acquire allows us to feel. If you buy a car or a house you, in good faith, are after the emotions it gives you such as happiness, respect, security or comfort. And it is true that one day if you get enough money to buy your dream car you will feel happy, but it’s what I call ‘synthetic happiness’. It feels the same and it’s as good but it will fade as soon as novelty wears off, which is caused by the paradox of raising expectations. So that’s why at first glance it feels that money can bring you happiness and on the very superficial level, it is indeed, true.

So, money is just means for getting the means to get the end feelings. Money is just a currency that can help you acquire things, but there are many other currencies in life can get you the same emotions, so I ask why not take a shortcut and go directly after the ends.

But it is important not to forget that material wealth should not be looked as a bad thing either. The best way to look at it, without letting yourself corrupt by it, is that material wealth can be a proof of what you have accomplished in your life. For exampe, if you've run a successful business and make tons of money it's just a superficial reward to remind you how well you are doing. You should not to be after it because you need to prove society something or achieve happiness. It will not get you the optimal experience.

And finally to pre-empt one of the most popular counterpoints... So some people say: “Oh! But look those poor people in Africa, they don’t seem very happy!”. Well, they are not unhappy because they do not have money. They are unhappy because their basic needs are not met. It’s typical western approach to throw millions of dollars on a problem and think it’s going to solve itself. Alone the fact that it has not been effective has proved my point.

Feel free to challenge my point of view or improve it...
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Re: Money=Happsiness? Here's my take on it...

Post by developing_success on Mon May 04, 2009 8:48 am

Here is my latest point of view:
You need money in order to have time to be happy.
What do i mean about that? Since you have no money you need a job (i would certainly not want one, i feel i have higher potential, i trust myself and that is enough). If you get a job, what is the chance to get your dream job, unfortunately the majority of people hate their job. You are not truly free, and that is an important aspect of being happy.
Let's take some examples:
+You want to see your son playing football -> see if the boss let's you!
+You want to travel the world -> plan a vacation from work ahead, see if it gets approved and see if you really have enough money to travel
+A relative is really sick, she needs 100.000 $ for an important surgery to save her life -> you cannot afford to save her life
+At your sons school you see a talented child that cannot continue his studies because he is very poor -> A big donation would have solve it, but of course you barely have enough money for you and your family
+You have an unfortunate accident or you are very sick and cannot work any longer-> Your family supports you, you can no longer provide for your family.

So i think you need money, to have time to enjoy your life and make it the best for you and for the people you care
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Re: Money=Happsiness? Here's my take on it...

Post by Balance on Mon May 04, 2009 8:01 pm

Well I guess it's as simple as this:

Money = Freedom, Security, Luxury + certain other advantages
More Money = More Freedom, More Security, More Luxury + More of certain other advantages

If I had to put it in one sentence:
Money is the most potent and immediate power you can exert on the physical world.

What drives me to achieve a nice bankroll is definitively the freedom aspect above all.
Later in life I would guess that the security aspect will gradually increase in importance, especially if family comes into the picture.
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Re: Money=Happsiness? Here's my take on it...

Post by eft123 on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:52 pm

Money makes the world go around. People lives evolved on money as well. :(
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